Monday, May 10, 2021

Opinion That Says XRP Could Become the World’s Reserve Currency Meets Mixed Reactions

A stern XRP advocate has made some attention calling statements on a recent episode of The Alex Jones Show, telling one of the most popular conspiracy theorists that the Ripple’s digital currency, XRP, could indeed emerge as the world’s reserve currency.

The XRP proponent via a phone call said,

“Today is gonna be the day that Alex Jones announces XRP the global reserve currency. It’s the fourth one down the line. It’s not so shiny. I think it’s being manipulated by force, to be quite honest with you, but XRP (make no mistake about it) will be the global reserve currency.”

As expected, this opinion has met with a lot of mixed reactions, especially from the XRP community members. Some members see such a claim as a hoax, believing that XRP is only designed as a bridge currency and not to serve as the world’s reserve currency.

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The Caller’s Opinion in Brevity

The anonymous caller started to emphasize on how the CEO of Ripple, Brad Garlinghouse purportedly had private meetings with the United States President, Donald Trump, which seems to be the reverse of what could eventually play out considering the latest developments.

In the past few days, Ripple executives have been making their points on what could drive the San Francisco-based payment firm out of the United States entirely. These top executives cited a hostile regulatory environment.

Mixed Reactions Received From XRP Community

As aforementioned, the episode was greeted with tons of mixed reactions. As some people accepted the opinion that XRP would become the world’s reserve currency, other XRP enthusiasts treated it as an embarrassment to the community.

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Even, one XRP holder angrily tweeted that the hype is unacceptable, so dumping his holdings for its best alternative, Stellar (XLM). While some others believe the episode is meant to serve as a promotion for the XRP-focused YouTube Channel.

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