Free Top 10 Crypto Widget

Live Coin Watch‘s free crypto price widgets allows users to track the most popular cryptocurrencies in real-time directly from their website. This widget, which can be easily embedded in any site, offers a live feed of cryptocurrency prices, making it a useful tool for investors and enthusiasts. It covers the top ten cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and others. Easy to install and free of charge, it provides reliable data without requiring any technical knowledge. The widget enhances a site’s functionality while keeping visitors informed about the volatile world of digital currency.

Here is the Widget:

Use the code below to embed the crypto price widget for FREE on any website!

<script defer src=""></script> <div class="livecoinwatch-widget-3" lcw-base="USD" lcw-d-head="true" lcw-d-name="true" lcw-d-code="true" lcw-d-icon="true" lcw-color-tx="#ffffff" lcw-color-bg="#1f2434" lcw-border-w="5" ></div>

Embedding one of the free crypto price widgets by Live Coin Watch on your crypto news blog or website would enhance your site’s value. It offers real-time access to the prices of top cryptocurrencies, which is invaluable to your readers who trade or invest in these digital assets. The widget offers seamless integration with your site, maintaining aesthetic consistency. Offering this live price tracking service adds a layer of interactivity, allowing readers to monitor the market while consuming your content. Moreover, its reliable data feed and ease of use make it a user-friendly tool that boosts your blog’s appeal to cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

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<script defer src=""></script> <div class="livecoinwatch-widget-5" lcw-base="USD" lcw-color-tx="#999999" lcw-marquee-1="coins" lcw-marquee-2="movers" lcw-marquee-items="10" ></div>

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