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Charles Hoskinson Hints at Many Deals, Partnerships, DApps, and Interests to Build On Cardano In 2021

The CEO of IOHK, Charles Hoskinson, who created Cardano (ADA), has announced that “Mary” hard fork is slated to play out in February, showcasing his optimism about the progress of the Cardano ecosystem in 2021.

As the world draws closer to going back to normal life after the coronavirus ravaged 2020, Hoskinson, in an update on his YouTube channel, hinted at many deals and partnerships, coupled with decentralized applications that will be built on Cardano and make 2021 memorable.

He also stated that interests in building on Cardano have been on the increase like never before, which indicates that the project is gaining the much-needed traction.

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Decentralization Roadmap Advances Accordingly

Charles Hoskinson, in the visual update, discussed the decline in Cardano’s (ADA) decentralization metrics. He said, D will be worth 0 in March.”

This indicates that the decentralization roadmap is advancing as planned. Cardano community is on the verge of gaining full control over the block production.

Charles Hoskinson noted:

“Shelley’s hybrid stage will be over; we’ve basically finished that stage of the project.”

“Mary” Hard Fork Slated For February 2021

In another important development update, Hoskinson stated that “Mary” hard fork is scheduled to play out in February 2021. This hard fork is the one to precede “Allegra” hard fork combinator. So, it’s an integral part of the Cardano development roadmap.

According to the update, “Mary” will allow the creation of native assets on the Cardano network and will add the infrastructure for the extended UTXO model.

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It’s worth noting that Cardano’s new capabilities have been designed to make the platform an interoperable network for building decentralized finance (DeFi) protocols. And it is being made ready to compete with Ethereum in this regard. So, the components that will make this happen are part of the Goguen era.

In this regard, Hoskinson acknowledged the progress recorded by the team behind the Plutus platform. According to Hoskinson, smart contracts that are created on Cardano blockchain will be hosted on Plutus platform and will be leveraged by users in conjunction with hybrid wallet, partial delegation and other tools.

Hoskinson said:

“We are working on our go to market strategy for the first half of this year for smart contracts, there are a lot of “cool” things coming out on the way. A lot of business deals, people want to come to Cardano. They are begging us… This is just the beginning.”

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Stressing the standard of governance to expect on Cardano, Charles Hoskinson said, The voting experience will enhance and improve the group of people we work with for Catalyst. We are bringing in governance consultants… We will have one of the best governance systems for any cryptocurrency.”

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