Monday, May 10, 2021

VeChain Stats 2.0 Is Coming With Many Amazing Improvements

VeChain Stats, the statistics and details for the VeChain THOR (VET) mainnet, has announced that its new version is upcoming with many amazing improvements.

According to the report shared via VeChain Stats’ official Twitter handle, the new version is coming with a host of new features, such as new pages, interactive data, improved tools, among others.

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“VeChain Stats 2.0 is coming! New pages, interactive data, added functionalities, and improved tools are just some of the many amazing improvements we are wrapping up! With the help of incredible designers, we have reimagined the look and feel of the VeChain Stats you all love!” VeChain Stats 2.0 reported.

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Puff Bar Implements Vechain (VET) To Guarantee Product Authenticity

Puff Bar, one of the leading disposable vaping companies in the industry, announced on 23rd January 2021 that it was implementing a variety of blockchain solutions in its business.

The first on its list to implement is the leading enterprise blockchain platform, VeChain, which enables users to verify the authenticity of its Puff Bar products.

As a leading disposable company, Puff Bar focuses on providing a notably high-quality product for its customers. In the course of making this happen, there have been challenges from counterfeit and knockoff Puff Bar vapes.

These counterfeit products do more damage than compromise the brand’s integrity. They could also subject users’ health to danger if the counterfeiting company include harmful ingredients. Due to this fact, Puff Bar decided to fight back and protect its customers through a partnership with VeChain to provide guaranteed authentication for every vape.

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Using the VeChain solution, users can scan a QR code on the Puff Bar Package to verify the legitimacy of the product. By leveraging such a simple end-user solution, the company provides a high level of assurance to its customers.

Aside from the VeChain solution, Puff Bar has also implemented Ethereum (ETH) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH) as payment methods.

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