Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Chrysalis, Bridge Network between IOTA and Coordicide Set To Launch in a Few Days’ Time

IOTA, the leading distributed ledger platform, is now set to launch Chrysalis phase 2, also known as the final stage for IOTA 1.5.

Chrysalis that is slated to roll out on 18th April 2021 is expected to serve as a bridge between IOTA and Coordicide, an implementation that will bring full decentralization of the IOTA network.

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As soon as the upgrade is implemented the current mainnet of IOTA will become the legacy mainnet.

In a recent post, IOTA Foundation said:

“With Chrysalis just around the corner, the team is heads down in the final bits and pieces to make everything as smooth as possible both on April 21 and April 28. Tests are being run on multiple instances of infrastructure to test all the migration scenarios.

“We have also already deployed the Chrysalis Mainnet infrastructure that will replace the current Mainnet. This will be reset on the day of launch, April 28, and will turn the current Mainnet into legacy Mainnet.”

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In the blog post, the Foundation also described the Chrysalis phase 2 as a new beginning for the IOTA protocol, adding that the team is currently testing the migration on Firefly with the aid of internal and external testers.

In relation to the development, IOTA’s team of developers has released a number of versions for the Pollen testnet.

The Foundation also updated the community about the release of the software node Bee in an alpha phase. So, developers can now update their dashboard that has the full support for Chrysalis migration.

The report also reveals that two of the most important components of Chrysalis have been released in the first versions.

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In the case of Stronghold according to IOTA Foundation, the developers have placed the component under external audit and its benchmarks are using microseconds for measurements, as revealed by the IOTA Foundation.

“We are working together with the IF cryptography team to identify methods for performing multisig using Stronghold’s internal libp2p-noise based communication crate. Indeed, our primary focus now is on verifying and validating this crate and its processes.”

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