Sunday, February 28, 2021

VeChain Thor Version 1.3.7 Released With Major Improvements, New Feature and Bug Fixes

As a report has it, VeChain Thor version 1.3.7 has been released with major improvements, a new feature, and bug fixes.

The latest development was shared with the community via the official Twitter handle of VeChain Dev, the channel dedicated to relating news about VeChain technology.

According to the report, the new version comes with an improvement to js tracer, the addition of CREATE2 support, and a number of bug fixes. All users are thereby urged to upgrade to the latest version to leverage the improvements and new features added.

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“VeChain Thor has released v1.3.7. All users are recommended to upgrade their software. This version improves js tracer, adds CREATE2 support, and clarifies the revert reasons,” VeChain Dev reported.

The performance improvement and the fixed bugs as shared on Github can be found below:

  1. improve js tracer, add CREATE2 support, return revert reason and others.
  2. improve the re-schedule condition of packing process.
  3. cover all branches in VM tracer.
  4. periodically ping WebSocket client to prevent connection drop in subscription module

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Picasso Library Has Been Upgraded

Similarly, it was announced by VeChain Dev Picasso library has been upgraded to the latest version. The upgrade was made public on 4th November 2020.

Picasso library is described as the general-purpose deterministic identity icon library in svg format, especially for VeChain Thor addresses. The new version is now available for users to download on Github.

VeChain Dev tweeted, “Hi guys! Picasso library has been upgraded to v2.0.2! Please update your app accordingly.”

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