2 thoughts on “Cardano (ADA) is Converging to be the Best Cryptocurrency in the World –Charles Hoskinson

  1. Cardano has been and will always be garbage. All fake hype and no real world action. Completely worthless.

    1. @JimCoins I agree with Charles, you either a shill or have zero capability to review or understand what they are doing. Keep your comments to yourself since you obviously don’t have the aptitude to grasp their achievements and the goals they have. Cardano had the best peer review and has released the most real world usable whitepapers and publications which have real world applications and use. Many other projects release crap they call a whitepaper that is only intended to boost the market value. Please go and comment on those projects about how you support them, how they will moon, and prove your lack of understanding and that readers should ignore everything you say.

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