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Cardano (ADA) is Converging to be the Best Cryptocurrency in the World –Charles Hoskinson

The CEO of IOHK Charles Hoskinson has again hinted at the prospect of Cardano (ADA), the 11th largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization.

He made this known a couple of hours ago in one of his recent tweets. There, he pointed out that Cardano (ADA) is converging to be the best cryptocurrency in the world.

Obviously, a notable development emerged within the Cardano ecosystem on 20th February 2020. OBFT hard fork came to play to prepare the emergence of Shelley mainnet for the full decentralization of the Cardano network.

Charles Hoskinson Says Critics Fail to Understand Cardano Ecosystem’s Progress

The CEO of Input Output HK, Charles Hoskinson sounded disappointed in the critics who don’t understand notable achievements amassed by Cardano so far.

Sharing his discontentment in the critics, he said, the cryptographic project has made enormous progress, but the critics are unable to see and understand.

He added that their mode of criticizing Cardano (ADA) projects proves their lack of basic diligence capabilities. He also questioned their presence in the Crypto sphere.

Conclusively, he pointed out that Cardano (ADA) is on the verge of becoming the best cryptocurrency in the world.

“It blows my mind that our critics cannot see or understand the enormous progress we have made. They are now just publicly proving they either lack basic due diligence capabilities, are shills or shouldn’t be in crypto at all. Cardano is converging to be the best CC in the world,” Charles Hoskinson shared.

Charles Hoskinson Announces the Release of Jormungandr 0.8.12

In another development, Charles Hoskinson informed the Cardano community members that Jormungandr 0.8.12 has been released with notable improvements.

As always, the new version is now available for download by IOHK at Github. So, users can do the needful as soon as possible.

Read the improvements to expect in the new version of Jormungandr as shared by the Input Output HK:

Improve bootstrap reliability, speed and verbosity, and some other quality of life improvements

  1. Improve the speed of loading from storage and the general streaming from storage.
  2. Netboot is now a bit more comfortly verbose, adding some location and speed.
  3. Fix peer bootstrap to timeout properly when the peer doesn’t play ball.
  4. Improve the memory-bound of the pending/approved fragments.
  5. Cleaning more code by using the latest dependencies, std futures, and newer async dependencies.
  6. Enclave now detects having duplicated leaders loaded and creating blocks competitively.
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    • @JimCoins I agree with Charles, you either a shill or have zero capability to review or understand what they are doing. Keep your comments to yourself since you obviously don’t have the aptitude to grasp their achievements and the goals they have. Cardano had the best peer review and has released the most real world usable whitepapers and publications which have real world applications and use. Many other projects release crap they call a whitepaper that is only intended to boost the market value. Please go and comment on those projects about how you support them, how they will moon, and prove your lack of understanding and that readers should ignore everything you say.


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