Monday, May 10, 2021

Tron Foundation States What Victims of Shark Incident Must Do To Recover Their Funds

Tron Foundation has recently advised the community members (those who are the victims of shark incident) on the steps to take for the recovery of their funds.

According to the update, Binance exchange has been duly contacted to make the likely recovery happen and to also bring the perpetrators to book.

It’s also stated that a portion of the funds has been confiscated by Binance exchange, in order to aid the process.

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Tron Foundation further advised the victim of the incident to, as a matter of urgency, file for a police report, which is expected to also aid the fund-recovery process.

Tron Foundation tweeted, “Regarding the shark incident we have contacted Binance and worked together on chasing down the funds and people behind this. A portion of the funds have been frozen on Binance.

“If you were a victim in this case, please file a police report and work with law enforcement to seek recovery. We will be also working with all exchanges to track the rest of the funds and protect the interest of the TRON Communities.”

Tron Network Records another Milestone

In another update, Tron Foundation hinted at the community that the circulating amount of TRC20-USDT issued by Tether on the TRON network has surpassed 5.1 billion.

According to the update, the gigantium amount of USDT was initiated in 22 million transactions.

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Tron Foundation, “5.1 billion USDT on TRON with 22 million transactions! I believe every transaction is a vote for TRON! TRX.”

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