Saturday, April 10, 2021

Max Keiser Calls Cardano (ADA) A Centralized Garbage, Charles Hoskinson Responds

Cardano (ADA) has just been officially listed on Coinbase, one of the largest exchanges in the world. This alone has erupted the displeasure of the critics who continue to see Cardano’s rise to prominence in the crypto industry as undeserving.

Max Keiser Says Cardano (ADA) Is Centralized

In a conversation on Gokhshtein Media, a popular Bitcoin maximalist, Max Keiser, accused Charles Hoskinson and Cardano of exploiting and pillaging Africa.

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His comment brought about a question from a supposed Cardano enthusiast, who asked what makes only Bitcoin (BTC) a cryptocurrency for Africans.

The user asked, “How is Bitcoin by and for Africans but Cardano isn’t for Africans? Can someone explain?”

Max Keiser, the Bitcoin proponent, who’s at the center of the discussion weighed in with obvious displeasure towards Cardano and its development strategies.

In his comment, he condemned Cardano’s interest in taking blockchain development to the African population. He said it’s a colonial, extractive, and dictator’s strategy and mission.

Expectedly, he praised his favorite cryptocurrency, Bitcoin (BTC), describing it as a decentralized, uncensorable, unconfiscatable money unlike Cardano (ADA).

Max Keiser tweeted, “Cardano is centralized garbage picking on Africa like some colonial, extractive, dictator. Bitcoin is decentralized, uncensorable, unconfiscatable money that is pushing back against interlopers like ADA, and other alts and fiat money.”

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Charles Hoskinson Responds

Charles Hoskinson, the CEO of Input Output Global (IOG), who has been enjoying the popularity around the blockchain project he established, did not reserve his comment for Max Keiser, but rather taunted him for the stern criticism of Cardano (ADA):

“Max you’re forgetting this tag line. I’m happy to pay for the help you need. PM me like you guys did when you asked for sponsor money.”

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A lot of Cardano community members also condemned Max Keiser’s criticism. Some were of the opinion that he’s afraid of the fact that Bitcoin’s dominance is about to get broken if ADA goes fully ballistic in terms of market value.

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