Saturday, April 10, 2021

IOTA’s Journey with Mana Has Begun with the Release of New Version of Pollen Testnet

IOTA Foundation has announced the release of the new version of Pollen testnet with a number of notable changes and improvements.

According to the report, this release is an official start to IOTA’s journey with Mana, a new reputation system that is integrated into pollen, to mitigate Sybil attacks.

Mana can also be described as a mechanism that ensures that the consensus result makes the right decisions when two conflicting transactions are voted on.

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Announcing the new development, IOTA Foundation tweeted, “We’re starting our journey with mana! We’re delighted to release our new version of the Pollen testnet aiming to test the first iteration of the mana implementation. Come try it out and share your comments. Who is as excited as we are?”

According to the report, the first objective is to test the first iteration of the Mana implementation to study its distribution in the pollen testnet, look for any bugs, and assess its stability. After this stage, Mana will be released to be leveraged as the Sybil protection mechanism for IOTA congestion control, the Fast Probabilistic Consensus, the autopeering, and the distributed Random Number Generator.

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Below are the changes and improvements coming with Pollen testnet v0.5.0:

  1. Add Mana (currently not used by any of the modules)
  2. Add Mana APIs
  3. Add Mana section to the local dashboard
  4. Add Mana section to the Pollen Analyzer dashboard
  5. Add Mana section to the Grafana dashboard
  6. Refactor the Consensus Manager to be independent of the concrete consensus mechanism implemented
  7. Improve Tangle visualizer
  8. Improve documentation

The report also stated that the new release comes with a series of new APIs, a new Mana section on the local dashboard, the Pollen Analyzer, and Grafana dashboard.

Also, the report pointed out that “Both the GUI and CLI wallets have been updated to allow the user to define the identity of the node as the receiver of the access and consensus Mana pledge of a transaction.”

So, the success of the implementation of the Mana module indicates that the next stage of the Coordicide testnet known as Nectar is around the corner.

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An Important Change to GoShimmer

Aside from the introduction of Mana, an important change has also been made to GoShimmer, the prototype of a node software that allows nodes to reach a consensus without the Coordinator.

Regarding the change made to GoShimmer, the report says, “We have refactored the Consensus Manager component to be agnostic with respect to the actual consensus mechanisms implemented. In this way, GoShimmer can be seen not only as the IOTA 2.0 prototype but also as a flexible framework for any DAG-based DLT.”

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