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Forbes Specially Recognizes Shweta Chauhan as the First Female Cardano Stake Pool Operator

Forbes, a famous American business magazine, has specially recognized Shweta Chauhan, the CEO of kBlocks Stake Pool and co-founder of Lovelace Academy, as the first female stake pool operator on Cardano.

8th March 2020 was International Women’s Day, a day in Women’s History Month, set aside to celebrate women and their achievements around the world.

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In order to make the day memorable for some sets of women, Forbes published an article titled “Meet 30 Inspirational Women This Women’s History Month”.

In the article, 30 women from various walks of life, including finance, tech, and sports, who are believed to have attained a certain height in their fields and continue to break boundaries both in and out of work were listed, captioning their profiles.

Shweta Chauhan Recognized As the First Female Stake Pool Operator on Cardano

One thing that’s worthy of note about the 30 women listed by Forbes is precisely related to Cardano blockchain and its stake pool operators.

One of the women on the list, Shweta Chauhan, is specifically recognized for her efforts in becoming one of those who are pushing for the full decentralization of the Cardano network.

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According to Forbes, Chauhan is the first female stake pool operator. She’s currently the chief executive officer of kBlocks Stake Pool.

Forbes noted:

“Chauhan is the first female Stake Pool Operator on Cardano. She is the CEO of kBlocks Stake Pool and is the Co-founder of Lovelace Academy. Her aim is to educate and empower women by teaching them how to code on blockchain technology. She is achieving this through Lovelace Academy, a platform co-founded by her specifically to teach “How to build Smart Contracts on Blockchain”.

To continue supporting and empowering women, we recommend you take a look at this Women’s Safety Guide

Cardano (ADA) Is Now 90% Decentralized

As reported by Herald Sheets and corroborated by IOG, the Cardano network is now 90% decentralized.

According to IOG in a tweet on 8th March, 90 percent of blocks are now being created by the over 1,800 community stake pool operators and it continues to increase by 2 percent every 5 days. So, by the end of the month, the emerging smart contract platform would have been fully decentralized.

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IOG tweeted, “Cardano advances unabated on its path towards decentralization. Since the weekend, 90% of blocks are now being created by community stake pools, increasing by 2% every 5 days. So we’ll reach 100% by the end of the month. Federated nodes won’t get a look in. Onwards to D=0 Day!”

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