Thursday, May 6, 2021

Cardano Welcomes Smash to Mitigate Bad Actors’ Influence

IOHK, the software firm behind the development of Cardano (ADA), has announced the emergence of Smash, a stake pool metadata aggregation server, as a new component of development in Cardano ecosystem.

Reasons for Introducing Smash

According to the report, the major reason for introducing Smash is to enhance IOHK’s effort in mitigating the influence of bad actors in the Cardano ecosystem, such as potential attackers, spoof pools, and trolls.

Smash server is developed to support operators and Cardano (ADA) holders by validating information about stake pools and storing it as metadata.

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How Smash Works

In line with how Smash works, each stake pool will be registered on the blockchain with the metadata needed for the calculation of rewards. This necessary information that are required to make visible and accessible include owner data, the name of the pool, pool ticker, homepage, and a short description that won’t be store on the blockchain.

Company added:

“As well as ensuring that registered stake pools are valid, Smash metadata server helps to avoid duplicated ticker names or trademarks, and ensure that they do not feature content that Cardano users are likely to find offensive. Given that scams, trolls, and abusive behavior are an unfortunate part of life online, we had to find a way of filtering potentially problematic actors out of the playing field.”

According to the report, IOHK will oversee the maintenance and metadata curation on the Smash server. Any stake pool guilty of any ill-behavior will be delisted from displaying on Daedalus.

IOHK also assured that stake pool operation will not be unduly or unfairly limited. Although the firm still has the right to make the final decision in relation to Smash, it will make its activity visible and trustworthy for the Cardano community.

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It’s also worthy of note that Smash will be initially controlled by IOHK, but it will not be able to offer a centralized solution. Additionally, the code of the Smash server will made available for anybody to use.

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