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Cardano (ADA) Is Now 90% Decentralized. 100% Comes In a Matter of Days. What Does This Mean?

Cardano (ADA), the emerging smart contract platform, started a joining to the full decentralization of its network in July 2020, following the integration of Shelley from testnet to mainnet.

Since the official launch of Shelley, Cardano has undergone phases of development. On 1st March 2021, Cardano advanced into multi-asset era following the successful Mary hard fork.

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On 4th March 2021, IOG, the software firm behind Cardano development, announced that the network has started counting down to full decentralization, which is expected to play out on 31st March 2021.

According to the report, at the end of March, Cardano will see D, the parameter that governs what percentage of transactions are processed by the genesis nodes, reach 0.

This attainment will make the responsibility for block generation become fully decentralized. This also implies that Cardano’s network of over 1800 community pools will be solely responsible for producing blocks, the report added.

The report also pointed out that D was set to an initial 1.0 when Shelley was deployed in late-July 2020. This means that every block was produced by IOG’s network of federated nodes, but things will change as slated for 31st March when D reaches 0.

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Cardano Now 90% Decentralized

The point that Cardano is now 90% decentralized implies that of all new blocks being created, 90% of them are made by stake pool operators and that the remaining 10% is being created by federated pools of the software firm IOG.

Cardano (ADA) Is Now 90% Decentralized. 100% Comes In a Matter of Days. What Does This Mean?
Courtesy of Cardano Reddit

As aforementioned, as soon as the D parameter reaches 0, there will be a confirmation that all new blocks are made by stake pool operators, which is an indication that Cardano is 100% decentralized.

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The increase in decentralized stake pools indicates that more pools are creating new blocks and have the capability to share staking rewards with the users that delegated their ADA to them.

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