Saturday, April 10, 2021

Charles Hoskinson of Cardano (ADA) Is Considering Leaving Twitter Permanently

Charles Hoskinson, the CEO of IOG, who is the creator of Cardano (ADA), has some hours ago informed his community members that he may leave Twitter permanently if the path to verification remains uncertain.

Hoskinson has been clamoring for this necessary verification when his Twitter account was below 200,000 in terms of follower capacity.

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He now needs the verification more than ever. He currently stands around 256,000 followers on Twitter and still counting. As his followers increase, so is the increase in the number and activities of con artists that use his personality to scam others.

So, Hoskinson thinks leaving Twitter permanently is the only way to suppress the perpetration of impersonators, who make unsuspecting crypto users or newbies part with their hard earned money on a daily basis.

Charles Hoskinson tweeted, “If there is no path to verification, then I’m considering leaving Twitter. It seems to be the only way to resolve the impersonation issues. I’m disappointed with Twitter they just don’t seem to care about fraud, scams, and impersonation.”

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Why Is Twitter Verification for Cardano’s Charles Hoskinson Uncertain?

Twitter verification for Cardano’s Charles Hoskinson is likely uncertain because the name “Charles Hoskinson” has been verified by Twitter for someone who has no connection with cryptocurrency or blockchain.

This person who is verified for the name is a journalist and joined Twitter in 2012, a year ahead of Cardano’s Charles Hoskinson. Due to impersonation, journalists get verified ahead of others irrespective of their follower capacity.

So, it may be difficult for Charles Hoskinson of IOG to get verified if Twitter does not verify a name for two personalities.

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Therefore, the community should expect the fraud, scams, and impersonation to continue, unless he leaves Twitter permanently, which will never be good news for the teeming members of the Cardano community on the microblogging platform.

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