Charles Hoskinson Engages Billionaire Mark Cuban Who Wants To Know About Cardano (ADA)
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Mark Cuban, the billionaire owner of the popular basketball team Dallas Mavericks, has been fed with lots of information about Cardano (ADA) by the CEO of IOG, Charles Hoskinson, after showcasing his eagerness to know more about the emerging smart contracts platform, Cardano, and its native token ADA.

This came about after a supposed Cardano community member took to Twitter to urge Mark Cuban to consider reviewing Cardano’s fundamentals, usage, and energy efficiency:

“Mr Cuban, what stops you from reviewing the King #Cardano #ADA $ADA. Take fundamentals, usage, energy consumption. It will beat everything in all dimensions.”

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In response to the user’s curiosity, the billionaire entrepreneur asked about the basic use cases of Cardano (ADA), which prompted Charles Hoskinson to weigh in

“Are you, personally, able to use ADA for anything? If so, what have you used it for? That’s the question I ask about all Crypto. Do you find yourself using it for anything that you find value in?” Mark Cuban responded.

Charles Hoskinson Engages Mark Cuban

As expected, considering the personality involved, Charles Hoskinson weighed in with the hope of making Mark Cuban understand the concept of Cardano (ADA).

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Hoskinson wrote, “You’re breaking my heart mark…. But levity aside. Come by the farm in Colorado sometime and let’s chat.”

The conversation did not end there. Mark Cuban further requested Hoskinson to go straight to the point rather than meeting in person. He said all he needs to know is the basic use cases of Cardano (ADA).

“Levity aside Charles, whenever someone pitching me tells me it has to be in person, that’s a red flag. I know this isn’t a pitch. But would love to know, Where do you use ADA on a daily basis? How should or could I use it today? I can answer this for all the crypto I own.”

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Afterward, Hoskinson agreed to share the basic use cases of Cardano (ADA) with the crypto-loving billionaire. Cardano’s creator mentioned the new partnership with Ethiopia’s Ministry of Education, thousands of assets, among others.

Captioning the image of the Cardano ecosystem, Charles Hoskinson tweeted, “Seriously mark? It was just a friendly invite, but you want me to pitch ada over Twitter? OK, we have five million students in Ethiopia, thousands of assets issued on Cardano, a nice DApp ecosystem brewing for smart contract launch, a new VC model with catalyst, huge community.”

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Mark Cuban Says Cardano (ADA) Is Not Yet At the Peak of Its Dream

However, Mark Cuban thinks every achievement listed above will remain a dream until smart contracts functionality is implemented on the Cardano blockchain as slated:

“That’s great! I’m happy for your application in Ethiopia and thousands of assets issued. Let’s talk when The platform stops brewing and starts serving users. Not saying you can’t do well. Just saying you aren’t there yet. But u are an Eth OG. Why no smart contracts to start?”

Charles Hoskinson further pointed out that the process of launching smart contracts on the blockchain took about four necessary years for the security and scalability of the network:

“We rebuilt the entire smart contract model. It took four years to do it, but it’s necessary if you actually want security and scale. No more DAO hacks, less off-chain code. Consistent operating cost. Furthermore I want all devs not just solidity devs.”

Eventually, the billionaire entrepreneur, Mark Cuban, wished Charles Hoskinson and his team of developers well as they strive to make things happen.

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