Thursday, June 17, 2021

Cardano Alerts Now Live For Beta Testing. Here’s Why It Matters

Cardano Alerts, an alert system designed to notify delegators when their pool changes its pledge, cost, or margin is now live for beta testing.

This new development was brought to the notice of the community via the Cardano subreddit a couple of hours ago.

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Major Reason for Creating

According to a developer with the username u/_bitmaster, Cardano Alerts was designed to circumvent mischievous behavior in the community.

For instance, on 5th May 2021, CRO pool thought it was a good idea to steal thousands of ADA worth of rewards from the Cardano Foundation into their own pockets. According to the developer, they were greeted with a massive backlash from the Cardano community.

Back then, the existence of an alert system to circumvent this type of behavior was suggested by some people. This tool is meant to notify delegators when their pool changes its pledge, cost, or margin. He said it was a call to action that did not go unnoticed by the Major Pool team.

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The developer noted:

“As a devout developer for the Cardano community I felt obligated to build an alert system not just for pool updates but all manner of activities regarding the Cardano network and community. So I present to you, Cardano Alerts.

“Cardano Alerts is a mobile friendly notification app that you can install on your desktop computer or mobile device. It’s completely anonymous so there is no signup required. For now, you can subscribe to stake pool alerts, wallet alerts, live stream alerts, and price alerts but we do plan on adding more types of alerts in the future.”

The application is available in mobile and desktop versions. The app can be installed on computers by simply visiting the website and click the install button in the url/address bar.

Cardano Alerts Now Live For Beta Testing. Here Is Why It Matters

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While the mobile version can be installed by visiting the website on a mobile device and a notification will pop up at the bottom of the screen asking if you would like to add it to your home screen. Any user can follow the command to install the app on a mobile device.

Cardano Alerts Now Live For Beta Testing. Here Is Why It Matters

However, the developer pointed out that it may not work properly as expected because it’s only released for beta testing.

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