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Wharton University which also falls in the IVY League Universities officially announced that they would allow the crypto payments as tuition fees for their blockchain-related educational programs.  The University attracts thousands of students each year.

This decision can also pave the way for other institutions to accept cryptocurrency as a mode of payment for their tuition and semester fees. As of this writing, Wharton only allowed cryptocurrency payment in their blockchain-related studies. However, in future, the other departments can also support the payment via cryptocurrencies.

On the other hand, experts started to be argued that this is another victory for the cryptocurrency against fiat money. This is a victory for crypto in a totally new business vertical.

Bloomberg reported that Pennsylvania-based business Scholl, Wharton Business School in the United States has accepted the payments in Bitcoin for the tuition fee. As of this writing, Bitcoin and other digital tokens are accepted as the mode of payment only for University’s online Blockchain and digital technology courses.

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However, this offer is not valid for on-ground courses. University’s Blockchain-related courses are scheduled to be initiated in the month of January.

The course is entitled as “Economics of Blockchain and Digital Assets,” according to the University’s top management this course holds the potential to attract thousands of students from all across the globe.  The program will cost around $3,800.

University has also signed a contract with the U.S based crypto exchange Coinbase.  University will use Coinbase Commerce, the e-commerce platform of the U.S.-based crypto exchange. No payments other than this payment method would be accepted by the University.

As of this writing, Wharton is offering basic level courses regarding crypto introductory classes. The course is offered on Coursera. This is not the first time Wharton made headlines when it comes to cryptocurrency. The business school earlier accepted the gift of $5-million Bitcoin tokens. The University also received $5million grant from an anonymous beneficiary. The amount back then was valued at around 118 BTC.

The Wharton University converted that donation into paper money worth over $7 million at the time of writing. In another major breakthrough, the World Economic Forum in most recent development signed a partnership deal with Blockchain and Digital Asset Project at the Wharton School. Some of the University Professors also played an integral part in making Wharton University part of the crypto world.

In a longer period of time, the University is planning to launch on-campus programs which will educate the Students about crypto and blockchain business. The Goal behind this step is to prepare future leaders who can take the crypto business to new heights.

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