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Those Who Hate XRP Will Use It in the Future –Former US Congressional Candidate

A former US congressional candidate, David Gokhshtein, who is an entrepreneur and a stern XRP enthusiast, has a couple of hours ago sent a message to the critics of the Ripple digital token XRP.

The fourth-largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization, XRP, has faced a host of criticisms from various members of the crypto community lately.

Some of these criticisms came as a result of a lethargic price growth the digital token exhibited year-to-date. Some build their points on the overall performance of XRP in the market since it last recorded its price all-time high in January 2018.

Many crypto analysts have also made the matter worst, through their constant pessimistic predictions about the Ripple’s digital token, XRP.

The most recent pessimistic comment from crypto important personalities came from a stern Bitcoin (BTC) advocate, Anthony Pompliano, who expressed his interest in Ripple, but said he still does not understand why people buy XRP, summing up his total disinterest in the cryptocurrency.

Despite all the huge number of critics, some crypto big guns still believe in the prospect of the digital currency, looking forward to its success in the future.

David Gokhshtein Says the Haters of XRP Will Surely Use It In the Future

David Gokhshtein is a well-known crypto enthusiast and XRP supporter. He recently sent a message to those that think XRP will fail, stating that they will end up using the cryptocurrency. He also indicated that he’s 100% sure of his claim.

“Those who hate XRP will be using it in the near future. 100 percent,” David Gokhshtein tweeted.

As expected, the tweet attracted tons of mixed reactions from the crypto community members. In response to many negative thoughts, Gokhshtein wrote:

“So many sh*t talkers in this tweet, but not one is willing to go in-depth to explain how it’s useless. Keep following who’s trending in the avatar world. You’ll be using XRP shortly.”

This was not the first time David Gokhshtein defended Ripple’s digital token XRP. Sometimes in April 2020, he came in defense of XRP, averring that the cryptocurrency is not useless as many Bitcoin (BTC) enthusiasts claim.

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