Saturday, April 10, 2021

ReSea Project Commends the Impact of VeChain on Its Ocean and River Cleanup Initiative

ReSea Project, a Danish company created to remove plastics from oceans and rivers, has commended the impact of the VeChain blockchain solution on its ocean and river cleanup initiative.

The firm posted about VeChain blockchain’s positive impact on its vision and mission on 12th March 2021 via its official Twitter handle.

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According to ReSea Project, VeChain performs beyond the documentation of all plastics extracted from oceans and rivers. It stated that the leading enterprise blockchain solution also brings accuracy to how the cleanup team members are compensated.

ReSea Project tweeted, “Our digital tracking system based on blockchain technology by Vechain Foundation not only allows us to document the plastic extraction point in oceans and rivers but also ensures fair compensation to our cleanup team = Positive impact.”

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VeChain Powers ReSea Project in Collaboration with DNVGL

On 22nd February 2021, it was announced and reported by Heral Sheets that VeChain will power ReSea Project in collaboration with DNVGL to trace and document its ocean cleanup solution.

Back then, the report stated that the involvement of DNVGL in the project is to introduce transparency using the VeChain blockchain solution.

DNVGL announced “Another win for oceans & rivers as Resea Project becomes the 2nd organisation certified to our Chain of Custody Standard for plastic recovered from the hydrosphere. Bringing transparency to the hard work of these initiatives is key to success.”

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In response to DNVGL’s announcement, VeChain Foundation elaborated the involvement of VeChain blockchain in the ocean cleanup initiative.

VeChain Foundation tweeted, “We are proud to power DNVGL’s client, the sustainable pioneer Resea Project to trace its ocean cleanup solution. By using blockchain, all sustainability efforts can be immutably stored and made visible. VeChain will play an important role in stopping plastic pollution.”

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