Sunday, April 11, 2021

New Multifunctional XRP Tracking Tool Launched

Dev Null Productions, a provider of XRP data and messaging services, has announced the launch of an XRP tracking tool named Zerp tracker, to support and monitor the market trend for cryptocurrency traders that are holding the digital token XRP.

The announcement was made via the official Twitter handle of Dev Null Productions on 23rd June 2020. According to the report, the adopters of the multifunctional tool will be able to set different filters to monitor the market better.

The users of the XRP tracking tool are liable to get notified by mail, SMS, push message, or alert message. For transactions sent and received, users can monitor their own and third-party’s accounts.

The tool also has the capacity to send notifications to users in the event of fraudulent activities that result in the movement of huge funds. It prepares users for sudden price trends in the market.

Going by the report, the XRP tracking tool is made available free of charge to both individuals and institutions.

“Dev Null Productions is pleased to announce the general availability of *Zerp Tracker*, a XRPL transaction tracker through which specific patterns of activity can be monitored & alerts sent via email, txt msg, & webhooks (for programmatic integration),” Dev Null Productions reported.

More details regarding the Zerp Tracker can be found below:

“With Zerp Tracker, you can setup expressions to hone in on exactly the type of activity that you are interested in, for example to monitor payments greater than 500 XRP (500M drops) use: $.transaction[?(parseInt(@.Amount) > 500000000)]

“For those who do not wish to setup expressions, Zerp Tracker includes library of pre-built patterns, parametrized for the easy specification of accounts to watch, order books to monitor & much more. Never has it been easier to derive value from the XRPL… straight to your inbox!”

Ripple Introduces ChefXRP for PayID Integration

A couple of days ago, Ripple, the San Francisco based fintech, made the presentation of the web application ChefXRP that allows bills and subscriptions with PayID.

Users that are interested in testing ChefXRP have to download the banking app XUMM and get it configured to find an address in the XRP ledger on the test network. Using ChefXRP, accounts are liable to be created, with payments processed via the banking app XUMM.

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