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Monero CLI & GUI Version ‘Oxygen Orion’ Released With Improvements and Bug Fixes

According to recent reports, the new versions of Monero CLI & GUI, Oxygen Orion, have been released. The versions came with major improvements and bug fixes.

Monero CLI Version ‘Oxygen Orion’ Released

The new development was shared via Monero’s official Twitter handle moments ago. According to the report, there will be an upgrade to the Monero network on 17th October 2020.

Users on the network are hereby advised to update and run the new version of Monero CLI for a proper preparation towards the upcoming network upgrade.

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“CLI v0.17.1.0 ‘Oxygen Orion’ has been released! Please be reminded that a scheduled network upgrade will take place on October 17. Users, services, merchants, pool operators, and exchanges should run v0.17 to be sufficiently prepared,” Monero tweeted.

The following are the improvements and fixed bugs that came with the Monero CLI Version ‘Oxygen Orion’:

  1. Dandelion++: skip desynced peers in stem phase, reducing transaction timeouts
  2. Fix a bug in wallet serialization that could lead to inaccurate display balance
  3. Silence spammy “failed to find tx meta” warning message
  4. Fix next_seed_height in get_block_template RPC
  5. Fix empty RPATH token issue (Linux / FreeBSD)
  6. Reduce minimum required glibc from 2.23 to 2.17 (Linux)
  7. Minor bug fixes

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Monero GUI Version ‘Oxygen Orion’ Released

In another news, Monero GUI version ‘Oxygen Orion’ has also been released.

Some highlights of this major release can be found below:

  1. Simple mode: fix a bug causing transaction propagation to fail (stuck as pending)
  2. Portable mode: save log to storage folder
  3. Fix a rare crash during wallet refresh
  4. Fix wallet not showing up on recent wallets screen
  5. Fix empty RPATH token issue (Linux)
  6. Minor bug fixes

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