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Read our Market Haven review and learn why this is a proper broker for online trading. Read all you need to know in this Market Haven review before you start trading with the broker.
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Market Haven Review


Regulation and LicensePrivately audited by a third party
HeadquartersLondon, United Kingdom
Year Of Establishment2018
Leverage range1:10 – 1:400
Minimum Deposit$250
Trading PlatformsProprietary web trader for desktop, and mobile application
InstrumentsForex, Crypto, Stocks, Commodities and Indices
Demo accountAvailable
Base CurrenciesUSD, EUR & GBP
Customer support24 / 5
Active Clients85,000
OwnershipPrivately Held
Cryptocurrency TradingYes

Pros & Cons

Supports multiple base currenciesNot available to traders in US
Provides access to multiple tradable marketsNo MT4 & MT5 support
Easy account opening processSome stocks are missing from the available options
Offers quick withdrawalsN/A
No deposit feeN/A
Boasts a wide range of instruments for tradingN/A
Professional and competent account managers to assist clientsN/A
Presents competitive alternative investment opportunities.N/A
Easy to open an accountN/A
No deposit feeN/A
Offers a diverse selection of trading instruments.N/A
Professional account managers to support clients.N/A


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Whether you are a new trader or an experienced one, if you are reading my Market Haven review, then it means you are not happy with your current trading firm. You aren’t the only trader in the entire trading market who experience this. Millions of traders have on-boarded trading firms that they have only regretted joining afterwards. If you are concerned about the services being offered by your trading firm, then you should see what the Market Haven broker is offering.

This way, you’ll be able to compare your current trading firm with Market Haven and see where they stand in terms of providing services and utilities. You are more than welcome to stick around and see what I have to share about this firm in my Market Haven review.

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Multiple Choices For Trading Accounts

Most trading firms have built a habit of offering a single trading account, loading it with so many utilities and services. This only goes to make things worse because you cannot handle the pressure of dealing with so many tools, facilities, and features in a single go.

The Market Haven trading firm does things differently, as it has arranged a catalogue of trading accounts that aim for different kinds of traders. These traders have different exposure levels and have different styles, and ways to interact with the trading markets.

You can assess your trading profile and then see which account better suits your requirements. If you feel like gaining information and knowledge before launching yourself in real-time trades, then you can use a demo trading account.

It enables you to perform mock trades in an environment that replicates the real-time trading markets.

Market Haven account types

Trading Diversification

When trading with the Market Haven broker, you can diversify your trading portfolio, adding assets from different trading markets. You can explore cryptocurrency, stocks, forex, and many more markets, offering plentiful assets.

Although there is no restriction in choosing the trading markets followed by the assets, crypto trading is currently trending among the new and old traders. After choosing the asset, you can launch the trades through the web-based trading platform by the Market Haven trading firm.

It should mention that the platform is web-based so no download is required before using it. You simply access the web and be amazed to look at the well-structured and spontaneous trading platform.

You can access the latest news feeds, trading signals, market analysis, automated trades, leverage trading, price alerts, and many other features through the platform.

Knowledge Grants Strength

I highly suggest that as you spend time trading, you should also dedicate time to learn about the trading markets. This would allow you to gather a lot of information and insights about the trading markets and their latest trends.

The latest market reviews and analysis, plus the economic calendar, can give you a pretty good idea where the markets are headed. Using this info, you can make trading decisions that would go in your favor.

The Market Haven trading firm has arranged the latest market eBooks and trading videos created by trading experts. You can use the content offered by the firm and keep gaining more information.

This would only help increase your confidence and awareness about the trading markets. The broker has also dedicated a FAQs page where you can find answers to some of the most common questions from the trading industry.

Market Haven education resources

Professional Ensures Longevity

In addition to trading and learning facilities, the Market Haven broker offers a professional environment where you can trade with full focus. All of your trades are free from any kinds of uncertainties, fear, or ambiguities, and you can trade without ever feeling hesitant.

With strict adherence to the KYC and AML policies, the firm ensures it offers and maintains a specialized trading environment where you can thrive. Security is also the top priority for the firm, because it doesn’t want you to feel insecure whenever sharing your sensitive information.

Whether it is your financial data or personal, you can rest assured knowing that it is all secured with encryptions. It renders all efforts from the hackers or exploiters to become useless because they cannot read the actual data that is covered with encryptions.

Is Market Haven Scam Or Legit?

Now that you have read the Market Haven review, you should be able to decide where Market Haven stands in terms of legitimacy. Even the services your trading firm might be offering would fall flat against what this broker has been offering.

Knowing this, you can go ahead and decide whether this firm is trustworthy or not.

Ending Thoughts

The Market Haven broker sets a very fine benchmark with the services and utilities it offers for other trading firms. You can compare your current trading service provider with Market Haven and see how far they stand from each other when offering services.

I know that the services your current trading firm offers are nothing compared to what Market Haven has to offer.

George Ward

By George Ward

George Ward is a crypto journalist and market analyst at Herald Sheets, known for his engaging articles on the latest digital currency trends. With a background in finance and journalism, he presents complex topics accessibly. George holds a degree in Business and Finance from the University of Cambridge.