Tuesday, June 15, 2021

IOTA Co-Founder Says the Most Exciting Times For IOTA Are Yet To Come As Post-Quantum Upgrade Is Implemented

Recently, Jakub Cech, the director of Engineering at the IOTA Foundation released a blog post that speaks expressly about IOTA’s multi-vector that ranges from Chrysalis, Pollen, Bee, Hornet, IOTA Identity, and Stronghold.

Another aspect that is of note is the decision of IOTA developers to remove the signature scheme, which ensures its resilience to quantum computing.

As stressed in the blog post by the IOTA engineer, it was earlier decided to keep the IOTA protocol quantum resilient, which brought about the implementation of the Winternitz one-time signature scheme (W-OTS).

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Nevertheless, it’s noticeable that the scheme is accompanied by serious drawbacks related to usability and performance.

For this reason, IOTA implements a more standard signature scheme for the protocol. The version of the EdDSA signature scheme is called ed25519. The new scheme is expected to cause the volume of transactions to drop and cause the usability of blockchain to experience a rapid increase.

According to IOTA team, the collaboration with the top-league post-quantum engineers will continue, in order to keep the protocol aligned with new NIST rules.

Reacting to the hard work of the team, Dominik Schiener, the co-founder of IOTA, said:

“The most exciting times for #IOTA are yet to come.”

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Second Stage of Chrysalis Is Around the Corner

The second stage of Chrysalis that is generally known as Chrysalis 2 is the environment for transition towards a fully decentralized IOTA. Its public tesnet is expected to go live soonest.

According to Jakub Cech, considering the high level of readiness, the deployment of its mainnet may play out in early 2021. Specifically, Chrysalis removes WOT-S, which will make switching to Coordicide smoother.

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