IOTA 1.5 Chrysalis Is 600 Million Times More Energy Efficient Than Bitcoin. STMicroelectronics Shares Its Experience
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According to the recent update within the IOTA ecosystem, IOTA Foundation are putting up a great work towards the realization of coordinator-free IOTA mainnet by introducing Chrysalis.

IOTA Foundation shared this, “The objective of the IOTA Foundation is to fully optimize the IOTA mainnet and make it enterprise-ready. Read about the exciting features that will be introduced through Chrysalis, our intermediate mainnet upgrade, over the coming months!”

Progress on Coordicide Research

The fundamental Coordicide research has experienced significant progress. GoShimmer has also been implemented. It is noticeable in the IOTA ecosystem that some coordinate modules are already under the process of being added to the IOTA mainnet.

These coordicide modules include object storage and autopeering, which make the way clearer to the realization of coordinator-free IOTA mainnet.

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Besides the coordicide, IOTA Foundation also aims at achieving a fully optimized IOTA mainnet, pre-Coordicide and bringing enterprise-ready solution in the IOTA ecosystem.

So, for this plan to materialize, IOTA needs to introduce an intermediate update known as Chrysalis. This had already been announced by the Foundation along with roadmap.

What Chrysalis Denotes

According to the illustration inferred from a recent publication on IOTA official website, Chrysalis represents the form a caterpillar takes before it transforms from its cocoon into a fully mature butterfly.

So, in the course of integrating the meaning of Chrysalis into IOTA, we can simply say Chrysalis is the mainnet’s intermediate stage before the completion of coordicide.

In a clearer term, Chrysalis is particularly introduced to improve the usability of the current IOTA mainnet in preparation for the emergence of coordicide.

Why the Process of Adopting Protocol Improvements is Unique to IOTA?

According to the report, the process of adopting major protocol improvements is unique to IOTA amidst the permissionless DLTs because miners are not involved.

Most of the permissionless DLTs have the economic incentives of miners conflicting with those of the users’ network.

But in this case, IOTA, the validators and the users have the same incentives, which makes the incentives free of conflict. This will also aid the network improvement processes.

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