Hoskinson: Cardano Plans To Have Its Blockchain Used For 2022 Wyoming Republican/Democrat Primaries
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Charles Hoskinson, the CEO of IOG and creator of Cardano (ADA), has revealed that the team is planning to have Cardano blockchain used for the 2022 Republican/Democrat primaries.

Hoskinson made this known in the 5-hour interview with the Artificial Intelligence (AI) researcher, Lex Fridman. In the course of the conversation, he explained how blockchain, especially Cardano, can be leveraged by nations for online voting.

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According to Cardano creator, all the governance tools the team is constructing can be reused by nations. He said the plan is to make it happen with the State of Wyoming in 2022.

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Charles Hoskinson stated:

“All these governance tools that we are constructing for Cardano are completely reusable for nations… On the U.S. side, we are thinking about trying to rollout something like this in the state of Wyoming… We are seeing if we can do republican primaries with preference voting and voting registration and do it completely online with an e-voting system. You know, that’s what we will be pursuing in 2022.”

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Charles Hoskinson Has Been On This for Quite a While

During an interview with Cointelegraph in October 2020, Charles Hoskinson revealed that his team has been building an infrastructure to make Cardano blockchain suitable for future national elections.

According to Hoskinson, it could start with third parties leveraging the Cardano network for their primary elections, before it could advance to municipals and state elections. He said nations with shaky legacy systems will find the idea of a blockchain voting system more useful.

However, Cardano creator acknowledged the fact that scaling a blockchain-based voting system would be complex and tricky.

Hoskinson said:

“I think it’s entirely possible in three to five years that we can take that test back and sell it to the government of Ethiopia, for example, or the government of Georgia. And they’re in the business of looking for new voting systems because they’re having so much problem with census and registration and fresh and free elections…

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“If you’re just doing a general election where you don’t care about privacy, you’re counting votes, you can do a billion people. When you want an election where I can verify it, but I can’t prove to an outside party that’s who I voted for, but at least I know my vote is counted and I want my privacy and I want a paper ballot back up. And then that’s when you get into a situation where you go from billions to thousands, and you have to shard it.”

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