Saturday, April 10, 2021

Goguen Era: Countdown to Full Smart Contract Functionality on Cardano Released

As the Cardano community members anticipate the rollout of features for smart contracts on the Cardano blockchain, a means to track the implementation from the Alonzo node to Goguen has been released.

As stated on the website starting with the Alonzo node, the functionality for executing smart contracts inside the Cardano-node component will reach maturity in 11 days’ time.

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“In mid-April the functionality for executing smart contracts inside the cardano-node component reaches maturity and can be used in the various testnets that will be following. Now an internal testnet can be launched to prepare for the Alonzo Pioneers era.”

Implementation of First Public Testnet for Goguen

In 26 days’ time, there will be an implementation of the first public testnet for Goguen, known as Alonzo Pioneer testnet:

“The first public testnet for Goguen. The first batch of around 1k external Alonzo pioneers will get access to the Pioneers Testnet where the functionalities of Alonzo will be tested in close collaboration with IOHK.”

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After the previously mentioned phase comes Alonzo Feature Freeze. In this phase, the code will be locked down after over two months of intense testing in the private and pioneer testnets. This vital phase will emerge in 86 days’ time.

“We lock down the code, this is the big one! After 2+ months of rigorous testing in the private and pioneers testnets the codebase will have been ironed out. Now we freeze the codebase and run stress tests on the networks one more time to ensure everyting is rock sollid because next comes… 86 days’ time.”

Full Smart Contract Functionality on Cardano Launches

According to the update, the Alonzo hard fork combinator, which will usher in the Goguen era will be implemented in 116 days’ time.

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This phase will welcome “Full Smart Contract functionality, Haskell and formally verified DAOs, ERC-20 importers on the Cardano mainnet.”

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