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Charles Hoskinson Has a Question for All the Existing Pool Operators as ITN Comes To a Close

The CEO of IOHK, Charles Hoskinson, has requested for the opinions of the existing pool operators, regarding rebranding Incentivized Testnet (ITN) or to shut it down completely.

Hoskinson shared this with the Cardano community of pool operators on 16th June 2020. In the tweet, showcased the notion of looking for a brand-new purpose, in order to keep the chain active.

“As the ITN is coming to a close, I have a question for all the existing pool operators. Should we shut it down or continue operating the chain with a newfound purpose?” Charles Hoskinson tweeted.

IOHK Releases First Version of Daedalus for Shelley Testnet

The tech firm behind developments in Cardano (ADA) ecosystem led by Charles Hoskinson, Input Output HK (IOHK), has about two days ago announced the release of the first version of Daedalus for the Shelley testnet.

According to the report shared via the official Twitter handle of the tech firm, the first version released can only be accessed by stake pool operators for proper testing.

IOHK shared this, “We’ve just released our first version of Daedalus for the Shelley testnet. This first version is available just for stake pool operators for early functional testing (via GitHub download).”

Additional information regarding the release says that Daedalus 1.0.0-STN1 will develop into the wallet that all Cardano (ADA) holders will use when Shelley is finally launched.

IOHK wrote:

“It is the first Daedalus release that is compatible with the Shelley (Haskell) testnet and the first iteration in a series of wallets that will – over the course of the rollout – become the wallet that all ada holders will ultimately use on the Shelley mainnet.”

IOHK Calls Exchanges and Developer Partners to Test Adrestia APIs and Libraries

In another development, IOHK showcased the solution brought by its products (Adrestia APIs and libraries) for exchanges and developer partners. According to the tech firm, the products are capable of making integration with any blockchain easy.

“For exchanges and developer partners, integrating with any blockchain can be challenging. Our Adrestia APIs and libraries seek to remedy that, through a consistent and reliable integration method for third-parties,” IOHK tweeted.

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