Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Charles Hoskinson Announces That Byron Reboot is Finally Out

The co-founder of Cardano (ADA) Charles Hoskinson has recently announced that the much-awaited Byron Reboot is now out.

Charles Hoskinson made this known a few hours ago via his official Twitter handle. IOHK has earlier assured that the Byron Reboot will be out this week. This implies that the team delivered as promised.

“Byron Reboot is out spread those wings and take flight!” Charles Hoskinson shared.

About Daedalus Flight

According to available information, Daedalus Flight is a new pre-production version of Daedalus wallet, which is specially created for ADA holders that are interested in testing new Daedalus wallet features.

This testing period is meant to identify bugs and to submit feature requests and sharing feedbacks. However, IOHK warned the users should strictly consider the safety of the Flight releases in the testing period.

Additionally, in terms of core functionality, Flight candidates are still working on mainnet, and therefore, you will be transacting with real ADA.

So, Daedalus Flight is recommended for technically competent Cardano community members, with ground knowledge about Daedalus and other crypto wallets.

How to Use Daedulus Flight

As soon as Daedalus Flight is installed, any existing wallets on the production version of Daedalus on users’ computers will be imported automatically.

This makes users’ access to their ADA holdings available via both versions of Daedalus, which will enable users to test the performance and compare wallets side by side.

Daedalus Flight is designed to have a dark blue-and-yellow interface theme, in order to help users differentiate the two wallets easily.

How to Send Feedback if Users Encounter Bugs

Users that encounter bugs during the testing or who want to suggest any feature improvements can simply send feedback directly to the IOHK development team through a few steps.

Concerned users can submit support tickets directly from the wallet UI. Users can necessarily include their wallet logs to enable a proper assessment of issues by the team.

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