Sunday, April 11, 2021

Cardano’s Goguen Era Progresses to Its Full Implementation with This Development Update

According to the recent rollout update made available by two Cardano (ADA) project managers, the much-anticipated Goguen era is progressing to its full implementation.

The Goguen era is expected to bring smart contracts and native tokens to the Cardano blockchain.

Going by Volodymyr Hulchenko’s update, the node teams are already adding native tokens and token locking features.

Additionally, the developers have implemented the basic structure of native tokens and commands to be used by users called CLI syntax.

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On the other hand, Dimitris Poulpoulous, the second Cardano’s project manager states that the production environment that will allow the creation and distribution of native tokens on the Cardano blockchain is almost ready for launch.

Poulpoulous also updated the community about the ERC20 converter, the tool that allows managing the new tokens on the Cardano blockchain. The tool is also used to bring tokens from other blockchains.

Considering the roadmap released in late October 2020, the implementation of the Goguen era is expected in the first quarter of 2021. That’s the time the native token standard will be deployed to a test environment after the pre-production stage.

Cardano’s Goguen Era Progresses to Its Full Implementation with These Development Updates

The update also revealed that the team is on the verge of finalizing the cost model of Plutus, the platform that will power smart contracts on the Cardano blockchain. The explanation document for the ledger model will also be produced by the team soonest.

When it comes to the Plutus application, they are currently focused on refreshing the Plutus Playground, a web-based environment that lets developers work on an emulated version of Cardano, according to Poulpoulous:

“Last but not least, we are also working on improving the emulator, including performance and usability.”

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In conclusion, the beta release scope of Marlowe, a specialized language for smart contracts built on Cardano is at the stage of being finalized.

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