B-Finances is a brokerage company. Offering financial services to individuals and businesses to increase their wealth. You must know what you’re doing when it comes to investing because many people don’t know how much money is left on the table by not paying attention or taking risks with their money.

I was nervous about investing in the stock market because I didn’t have any money. But after meeting with one of the B-Finances brokers, all my worries were gone and replaced by excitement as he helped me pick an investment option that would work for me.

I learned that it’s essential to work with someone knowledgeable about retirement planning, specifically for people like myself. When I realized the importance of choosing your broker wisely and felt more comfortable knowing what they could offer me as my financial needs grew, I looked at various investment options available through different brokers until finally finding one suitable enough where we are now.

I have been a client of B-Finances for over 6 months now. As I began to take more interest in the stock market, I realized how important it was to work with a broker who understood what I needed as my financial situation changed and grew over time.

B-Finances helped me receive education on investing while helping me grow my retirement account that would fit my needs. B-Finances clients, such as myself, are interested in managing their money and investments with guidance from a knowledgeable financial professional.

I had no idea how much money I had left on the table until I met with one of their brokers, who helped explain that not all brokers are made equal.

Setting Up An Account

After looking over my options, I decided on opening up a self-directed account that allows me to trade my stocks, ETF’s, Mutual Funds, and Bonds. I then decided to take the next step with B-Finances to help my money grow safely through education on investing while providing me regular portfolio reviews and my financial needs growing over time.

As a client of B-Finances, my account is being reviewed regularly to ensure that my money is in the most suitable investment options. B-Finances offers a full suite of services to fit your short and long-term financial goals. I enjoy watching my account grow every day with each trade I place, which keeps me motivated toward achieving my personal wealth management goals.

Automatic Deposit Roll Over

When I first started investing with them, I agreed to have my monthly deposit automatically deducted from my checking account. This is a great turnkey solution, so you never miss an investment again. If you don’t mind giving up control of your money to someone who can help it grow for you, it’s a good idea to have automatic daily deposits going into your account.

I currently have this set up where I get paid every two weeks, and my deposit is automatically deducted from my checking account.

Moving Your Money with B-Finances

Once you decide on a broker, it’s probably worthwhile to move your money over to them. I had my old brokerage account and realized the fees were getting high, so I switched everything over. They offer great incentives such as reduced commissions and low rates to entice new clients into opening up an account with them which was fine by me. If you are looking for a broker to invest your money with, make sure they offer incentives to entice new clients to join their company, saving you money in the long run.

Since I am able to manage my investments on my own, I don’t have any qualms about having the option of changing brokers. If there comes a time that I feel another broker can offer me better results or more value, I can significantly benefit it over without hesitation. As for now, I see no reason to switch from B-Finances. Since I began investing, they have been there for me and will continue to be the best choice for my money.

Managed Accounts

I love the fact that I can sit back and let B-Finances take care of my investments. They managed to turn $10,000 into almost $150,000 in the last five years, which is impressive if you ask me. There are many different options to choose from for managed accounts like mine, where they will help you create a customized portfolio to meet your needs.

Managed accounts allow them to manage your cash according to your personal preferences and goals of saving for retirement, college funds for children, or other individual financial goals.

Variable Annuities

Variable annuities are a great way to protect your retirement savings from market volatility. I have benefited greatly by investing in them and would continue to use this platform for the long term.

As someone who doesn’t have any children or dependents, I was looking for an investment that will grow over time, so my money gets the highest return possible. Variable annuities are great since they allow you to invest your money for retirement and grow it over time.

Flexible Retirement Plans

If you are like me and don’t want to retire anytime soon, B-Finances offers a Flexible Retirement Plan which allows you to withdraw your money at the age of 59 1/2.

As a 29-year-old person who doesn’t plan on retiring until I am at least 40, I got the Flexible Retirement Plan with them to begin withdrawing my money when I turn age 59 1/2.

Tax-Free Retirement Plan and Low Minimum Deposit Requirement

The best part about this retirement option is you don’t have to pay any taxes on the earnings. This is a great way to get your money growing for retirement since you wouldn’t have to worry about paying taxes on any of your payments.

You won’t have to worry about making a hefty minimum deposit since they don’t require you to make a substantial initial investment.

This plan is perfect for me since I can get all of the money I put into it to grow without paying taxes.

However, I feel they need to add more language options for Spanish, German, French, and Italian. Perhaps a multilingual live chat option would work, too, since not everyone enjoys English as their first language.

Customer Service

I think the best part of B-Finances is its customer service. I’ve had to contact them numerous times for various reasons, and each time they were able to help me out competently and quickly.

As someone who invests with them and has some stocks through a traditional brokerage account, I have used the live chat feature a lot. Never once did I have to wait for them to respond, and they were always friendly while also being extremely knowledgeable about what was going on in the market or with my account.

The brokerage firm seems professional and operates efficiently, which is why I don’t fear contacting them any time of day for any reason since I know they will be able to handle it.

Live Chat Availability

B-Finance’s live chat is available during regular hours to contact for any reason. I have used it numerous times before and found it friendly, responsive, knowledgeable, and super helpful. They are also open to helping you with other languages, so you should have no problems communicating with them if English isn’t your first language.

Customer Reviews

The reviews on other sites are also pretty good. Customers seem to be happy with the service they are getting from B-Finances which is why I decided to give them a try.

Overall, their nice selection of tools, low minimum deposit requirement, tax-free retirement plan, and helpful customer service make this broker great for anyone who wants to invest in the market or start a retirement account.

The Future

As for what I would suggest they change, it is mainly the language options. It seems like they only cater to English speakers, which can be challenging for others to use. I love that they are moving forward, but I hope they continue to add more languages in the future!


All in all, B-Finances has been a blessing for me because, for me, it’s a place to put my money and make it grow. They offer great options like managed accounts and flexible retirement plans which allow you to build your savings without worry.

In conclusion, I can say that I’m a satisfied customer of B-Finances and do not plan on switching to any other broker any time soon. It is best to do proper research and look into the market before opting for a brokerage company to see which suits you best.

Disclaimer: This review is written from my own experience and my self-knowledge only and this is not a recommendation.


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