Sunday, April 18, 2021

Is There Any Chance That Coordicide Might Fail? Senior Research Scientist at IOTA Foundation Answers

Billy Sanders, a senior research scientist at IOTA Foundation has answered a question that is possibly revolving in the minds of an average IOTA community member. This question is related to the success of the much-awaited Coordicide.

In a nutshell, Coordicide is the technological upgrade designed to exit IOTA’s central coordinator.

Coordicide Will Not Fail

A couple of hours ago, IOTA Penguin, a Twitter handle described as an IoT visionary and embassador of IOTA, shared this important question and the answer from Billy Sanders, a member of the IOTA Foundation.

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IOTA Penguin tweeted, Is there any chance that Coordicide might fail? Answer from Billy Sanders: “Coordicide will not fail. We are working very carefully to make sure that Coordicide is a success, and we will not launch IOTA 2.0 until it has gone through the proper testing.”

Final Alpha Release for IOTA Streams Announced

IOTA Foundation has recently announced the final Alpha release for IOTA Streams, an open-source distributed ledger technology (DLT) framework for decentralized data streaming and encryption on embedded systems.

According to the report, IOTA Streaming introduces granular data access and sharing to connected devices and other IoT integrations.

Specifically, it gives data owners full control over their data. They will be able to determine who gains access to the data they produce. Be it from a mobile device, environment IoT sensor, connected vehicle, Industrial IoT solution, or other things.

IOTA Foundation shared, “After some major updates on IOTA Streams, we’re glad to share the final alpha release! Check all the documentation available, including the new draft specification & the roadmap and try it out!”

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Additionally, as highlighted in the blog post, IOTA Streams is intended to complement other IOTA Layer 2 frameworks such as IOTA Access that was announced a few weeks ago.

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