Monday, March 1, 2021

XRP-Based E-Commerce Payment Platform, Payburner Beta Version Launched

Craig DeWitt, the director of product at Ripple, has announced the release of the beta version of the XRP-based E-commerce payment platform, Payburner.

The new development was passed across a couple of hours ago via Twitter by DeWitt.

“Introducing the beta for a new P2P Payments Platform on xrp! is now live.”

Purpose of Payburner

According to Craig DeWitt, Payburner is created to make it easy to send and receive instant payments across the world. The new product works as a non-custodial wallet, he added.

The model of Payburner gives users the responsibility of safely storing their funds without the access of the payment app to their passwords.

DeWitt also stated that the payment app enables users to send and receive payments globally using PayID. With Payburner, users can set up their PayID upon sign up, which can be shared subsequently for instant payments.

According to Ripple’s director of product, users can send payment by inputting the PayID of the recipient, followed by the amount of XRP to send, and click send. Likewise, users can request payment from other users by inputting the PayID of the person, followed by the amount.

Additionally, the platform is capable of offering one-click e-commerce payment. Also, the easy-to-use checkout feature can only be leveraged by the business that has a Payburner account. DeWitt added that the Payburner plugin has been integrated with WordPress for easy interaction for users across the world.

DeWitt noted

We expect to make money from the one-click merchant payout experience by requesting payments from merchants at 1% of their received XRP e-commerce purchases. Peer to peer payments and peer to peer requests are not charged any fee.

Payburner does not have the ability to withdraw funds from any account and we are not in the middle of any transactions, so we send requests to merchants for fee collection.”

At the moment, the Payburner plugin supports Chrome and Brave browsers. However, DeWitt assured that the payment platform will soon be available on more browsers, Android apps and iOS.

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