Thursday, May 6, 2021

Warren Anderson Reveals Force behind Bitso, Coinsph, BTC Markets Increased XRP Liquidity

Warren Paul Anderson, Product, and DevRel at Ripple has recently revealed the force behind Bitso, Coinsph, and BTC Markets increased liquidity.

Liquidity Index Bot has taken it upon itself to monitor, snapshot and report the liquidity of the Ripple’s digital token XRP on three different cryptocurrency exchanges, Bitso that represents Mexico, Coinsph for Philippines and BTC Markets, the leading cryptocurrency exchange in Australia.

A consistent look at the frequent snapshots provided by the Liquidity Index Bot revealed the continuous increase in the liquidity of XRP on the three aforementioned exchanges.

This liquidity has the tendency to grow further with new all-time high records in the wake of each day, due to the potency of the tool provided by Ripple. This tool is simply termed as “On-demand Liquidity (ODL).

The force behind Bitso, Coinsph, BTC Markets Increased XRP Liquidity

According to Warren Paul Anderson, Product and DevRel at Ripple, the three cryptocurrency exchanges mentioned above are reacting perfectly well to Ripple On-Demand Liquidity (ODL) provided.

He averred that the three crypto exchanges keep showcasing how consistent taker volume in payments via Ripple ODL has the ability to gradually increase liquidity.

He said, “3 crypto exchange markets (Bitso,, BTC Market) showing how consistent taker volume through payments via Ripple ODL can increase liquidity over time. Thanks to Liquidity Index Bot for tracking.”

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