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Vitalik Buterin Predicts a Shift towards Biotech That Will Extend Life-Span and End Aging Entirely

The co-founder of Ethereum (ETH), Vitalik Buterin, has recently predicted a time when attention will be shifted towards biotech, which will bring about a massive increase in healthy life-span and entirely end aging.

Buterin shared this a couple of hours ago via his official Twitter handle, attracting questions regarding the aftermath of such advanced technology on the human race.

He made this comment while reacting to a popular tweet shared on 23rd April 2020 by John Luttig, about what’s next since “the internet tailwinds that propelled meteoric growth in Silicon Valley are stalling.”

Vitalik Buterin shared this, “I’m predicting a shift in attention toward biotech. The “final boss”: massively extending healthy life-span and ending aging entirely.”

Responses from Crypto Community Members

The tweet shared by Vitalik Buterin about extending life-span to beat human aging attracted tons of contrary opinions from crypto community members.

A user identified on Twitter as Erik Cason challenged such a prediction by tagging it as a means to create problems of posterity, adding that such a technology will destroy an important aspect of life.

“Don’t you think dramatically extending life for some creates some very real problems for posterity? Furthermore, don’t you think something very important about the human condition lost when you’ve entitled yourself to avoid death?” Erik Cason responded.

In response to Erik Cason’s assertion, the Ethereum co-founder stated that the human race has managed to advance with time in terms of technology, averring that a technology capable of extending humans’ life-span is of no difference.

“We’ve entitled ourselves to fly 1000 km/h, instantly communicate with people across the world, access untold knowledge at our fingertips, and create social systems spanning hundreds of millions of people. I think we can handle saying goodbye to having to say goodbye to grandma,” Vitalik Buterin replied.

Another contributor opined that success of such a technology will be a “Dangerous road to go down because only the rich or powerful would get the live forever pill…. just imagine tump forever.”

Contrary to the contributor’s assumption, Vitalik Buterin wrote, “Dangerous road to go down because only the rich or powerful would get the live forever pill. Why do you assume this when this has not happened to most other technologies we have today?”

Solomon Odunayo
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