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VeChain Releases Desktop Version of Sync 2 for Preview; Why Is It A Solution for Dapps Adoption?

As a report has it, VeChain has released the desktop version of Sync 2, the successor of Sync, for preview. As shared via the Twitter handle of VeChain developments updater, users are now opened to try and express their observations.

VeChain Dev tweeted, “Sync 2, the successor of Sync, is having a desktop version. The v2.0.0 is released as preview and welcome to try and give a bug report!”

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Sync 2, A Revolutionary Solution Enabling dApp Mass Adoption

In late-January 2021, VeChain announced the release of Sync 2, a revolutionary solution designed to fast-track the mass adoption of decentralized applications (Dapps).

The report stated further that Sync 2 will make blockchain Dapps run seamlessly as web applications across all types of operating systems, browsers, and devices. The report added that no installation is required.

VeChain Foundation tweeted, “Announcing VeChain Sync 2, a revolutionary solution enabling dApp mass adoption! Sync 2 allows blockchain dApps to run as seamlessly as web applications across all OS/browser/device types. No installation required! Alpha test for developers is now open.”

According to a similar report published on VeChain Foundation’s Medium page, Sync 2, the new digital wallet application will provide the missing pieces of critical infrastructure alongside other key protocols such as fee delegation (VIP-191) and DaaS (VIP-201), to enable the mass adoption of decentralized application (dApp) technology.

With Sync 2, users can gain access that can no longer be restricted by browser type, mobile, or PC usage. This makes the use of dApps becomes as simple as any other web-based application.

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Also, Sync 2 alongside VeChain’s native fee delegation protocols will give the dApp owners or DaaS service providers the enablement to fund gas fees on behalf of users. So, users won’t need to manage to pay gas fees anymore.

Simply put, VeChain Foundation describes Sync 2 as “the missing jigsaw piece that enables a truly seamless dApp experience, paving the way for the mass adoption of decentralised applications by removing all barriers to entry. A first for the entire blockchain industry.”

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