Thursday, May 6, 2021

TronWallet Releases Version 3.1.0 with New Features and Bug Fixes

TronWallet, the decentralized peer-to-peer (p2p) multi-currency crypto wallet with Bitcoin and easy to use, has recently announced the release of TronWallet 3.1.0, which reportedly comes with new built-in Support Center and robust bug fixes.

Details of the New Features in TronWallet 3.1.0

According to the update, the newest version 3.1.0 is now live on Apple Store and Google Play. This version is adorned with an improved and optimized SWAP feature for BTC, TRON, and TRX-based tokens.

It also comes with lots of design enhancements, some bugs fixes, coupled with a brand new built-in support Center for mobile and desktop apps.

Going by the update, the release of TronWallet 3 on New Year’s Eve has really helped in improving the App to this best result so far.

After the launch back then, the team that develops and maintains TronWallet kept receiving input, feedback, and suggestions from the dedicated users as to what to add, remove, and bugs to fix in this newly released version.

TronWallet averred that it’s now habitual to carry the users of its product along with the new releases, which includes 172,000 users across 184 countries, stating that their feedbacks have always aided the success of subsequent versions.

TronWallet Introduces New Customer Support Center

TronWallet introduced the new built-in Customer Support Center which is made accessible directly in the mobile app and desktop via

The new support service is particularly targeted at simplifying and streamlining the customers’ support and the regular help to the users with great support features.

Read the New Enhancement and Bug Fixes for TronWallet 3.1.0 as inferred from the report below,

Enhancements included in 3.1.0

  1. SWAP Optimization
  2. Design Review
  3. Display the token price in the Portfolio screen
  4. Set hide false as default in Token list
  5. Add “Support Center” on the settings menu
  6. Set the security alert modal to full screen
  7. Show the current address on Private Key tab in Backup Wallet screen
  8. Set the current token on send (step one) when the user comes from the Token Detail screen
  9. Bottom loading on Balance screen should only appear when has more items to load
  10. Hide bottom tabs from settings options

Bug fixes included in 3.1.0

  1. Fix crash when trying to send from Token Detail
  2. Fix crash on the scan
  3. Fix updates issues
  4. Fix Privacy policy issue on iOS
  5. Fix Face ID/Biometrics
  6. Fix transaction feedback
  7. Fix crash when swiping in the Backup Wallet screen
  8. Fix save the contact on send screen
  9. Fix scroll issue on the settings screen
  10. Fix Carousel swipe issue on Balance screen
  11. Fix AddressBook accounts list by family
  12. Fix BTC transactions list inconsistency when has many addresses
  13. Fix address validation
  14. [Dapp Browser] Fix crash on Browser reported by a number of users
  15. [Dapp Browser] Fix access to on Android
  16. [Dapp Browser] Fix bug when trying to access history by magic link

Concluding Remark

TronWallet shared that the new version 3.1.0 has been used to lay the foundation and optimize the wallet to start adding support for new coins, cryptocurrencies and additional public blockchains such as Ethereum blockchain.

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