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TronWallet Conducts 136 Million TWX Buyback and Burn, the Largest since Inception

The latest development coming from a quarter in the Tron community is the record number of TWX buyback and burn since inception. A few hours ago, TronWallet, a Tron-powered peer-to-peer (P2P) crypto wallet, hinted that 136 million TWX was bought & burnt on 27th December 2019.

TronWallet made this known via its Twitter its handle. According to the tweet, the largest buyback and burn since inception was purposely conducted to stabilize supply.

It also added that there are big plans underground for TWX, which will be revealed soon.

The info reads thus, “TronWallet has conducted the largest TWX buy back & burn since our inception! 136 million TWX were bought & burnt by TronWallet on Dec 27 in order to stabilize supply. Big plans for TWX to be revealed soon, including essential use-cases in TronWallet 3 new BTC features!”

TRON DAapp Weekly Report (21/12/2019 to 27/12/2019): Key Numbers Overview

As reported by DappReview, TRON DApps had notable increased in the past week. It has now increased by 9 more DApps, making it a total of 657. However, average active users did not experience a significant increase over the past week.

The report says trading volume grew 23% better than the previous week, which makes it seems to maintain its steady growth as always. The report then encouraged more developers to join the TRON ecosystem.

The Experience Report of TRON

According to the report, Zethyr, a TRON-based DeFi product allowing users to lend and use TRX, is the first DApp of the week.

Regarding Zethyr, the report says;

“Adopting decentralized architecture, Zethyr operates on the TRON blockchain with more than 1,300 nodes and features zero downtime and zero single points of failure. Users can buy and sell tokens by directly interacting with Zethyr Trust, a TRON smart contract.”

The second DApp according to the report is, a blockchain e-commerce platform. This one is said to be comparable to the 1 Dollar program released by NetEase.

This gives users the chance to be rewarded with physical goods such as Xiaomi, Apple and Huawei, likewise, there is room for TRX rewards.

The TRON DApp, as well offers commissions to users liberally, encouraging them to invite more friends to join. All referrals by each user will be duly recorded on the platform. This will open them to commissions as benefits since the attracted friends will bring in more people.

DashBank, an easy-to-use App where users can deposit TRX to earn dividends is the third DApp in the report released by DAppReview. The report says “The first 1 million DashBank tokens will be mined at a 1:10 ratio.”

The airdrop of 25,000 tokens will be properly issued by DashBank for 100,000 TRX deposited by users.

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