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The Czech-based firm has introduced a new product lineup to complement the Trezor Model T, its flagship Bitcoin hardware wallet.

Trezor Keep Metal Guarantees Seed Backup

Trezor, a hardware wallet provider, has just introduced three new products to enhance cryptocurrency self-custody among its fans. The lineup of the new product comprises various features, including the Trezor Keep Metal recovery seed backup, Trezor Safe 3 hardware wallet, and a special-edition Trezor Safe 3 Bitcoin-exclusive wallet.

Matěj Žák, Trezor’s chief executive officer, said that despite the apparent ‘not your keys, not your crypto wisdom, only 2% of the 420M international cryptocurrency utilizers embrace self-custody. Further, a majority utilize hot wallets as well as centralized exchanges. Teaching users about safe digital asset storage and offering user-friendly products with a forthright onboarding process is critical.

Trezor Safe 3

The Trezor Safe 3 hardware wallet is made to serve a vast range of persons getting into the cryptocurrency space. By backing Ethereum, Bitcoin, and more than 7000 other cryptocurrencies, this device blends with the Trezor Suite desktop application to aid people in numerous processes.

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A tamper-proof hardware element that provides additional protection against physical threats is one of Trezor Safe 3’s outstanding attributes. If a device is lost or stolen, a user can utilize a robust passphrase stored outside the wallet to protect their asset.

According to Žák, Trezor Safe’s rollout mainly focuses on new crypto entrants expected to increase three-fold in the next bull run.

The Czech-founded hardware producer also disclosed its partnership with a third-party safe element vendor. This means the publishing of likely weaknesses concerning the wallet is possible.

Trezor Keep Metal

The Trezor Keep Metal’s design seeks to safeguard the recovery seed, one of the most crucial components in a crypto collection. The unique string of words is created during a Trezor device’s early setup, and the same applies to other crypto wallets. Further, the series plays a crucial role in reinstating a wallet’s access in case it is stolen or lost.

As such, it is vital to protect the seed phrase. Sarcastically, a pencil and paper are long-lasting but quite susceptible to dangers such as water, fire, and other environmental aspects. In terms of durability, metal outdoes paper.

Besides, metal backups are in different sizes and shapes, typically made using titanium or steel. Challenges they can endure include corrosion, house fires, and impact from projective. As such, they offer a greater protection level for regaining speed.

The Trezor Keep Metal is made from aerospace-grade stainless steel, which improves its corrosion resistance. Additionally, its impermeable seal safeguards against water, acids, fire, and impacts.

According to the Trezor CEO, the past year’s events have shown the risks taken by individuals after entrusting their cryptocurrencies’ custody to centralized exchanges. Often, cases of ‘not your keys, not your client’ have been witnessed.

Predictions have shown that by 2027, the number of crypto users across the globe might be an estimated 1 billion persons. As such, Žák is confident that Bitcoin, as well as the vast cryptocurrency industry, ‘is not a niche interest anymore.’ As such, security elements become crucial.

Trezor Keep Metal supports both 12-word and 24-word standard backups. Shamir backup, a security standard that permits people to make several exclusive recovery shares to back up their private keys, is compatible with Trezor Keep Metal.

Trezor Safe 3 Bitcoin Exclusive Edition

As it commemorates its decade-old anniversary that is marked this year, Trezor is also introducing Trezor Safe 3 Bitcoin, a special edition. According to the name, the hardware wallet fully reinforces Bitcoin, appreciating the cryptocurrency responsible for initiating it.

The famous Bitcoin orange encloses the Trezor Safe 3 Bitcoin, and this special edition is restricted to just 2013 units. Additionally, every device retails for €79. For every sale, Trezor will donate €21 to support Trezor Academy. This Bitcoin education project seeks to empower people in sidelined and disadvantaged societies.

Žák said they understand how self-custody can threaten people, particularly newcomers. As such, new wallets and backup solutions that consider beginners’ concerns have been designed. He added that crypto assets management is now easier with a Trezor Safe that offers a unique hardware wallet. Also, it features an integrated Trezor Suite accommodating desktop and mobile-based applications.

The Trezor Safe 3, the Trezor Safe 3 Bitcoin, and the Trezor Safe 3 can be preordered, and shipping will happen mid-next month. 

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