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THORChain’s major exchange also revised its terms of services by imposing blocks targeting nations sanctioned by the U.S.

RUNE, THORChain’s native token, experienced a stunning 8% overnight increase amid the project’s resumption of trading on THORSwap, its major exchange.

Last Friday, THORSwap halted trading following illegal funds associated with the FTX exploit in November of the previous year being purportedly passed via the exchange. Services, for instance, borrowing, lending, and staking coins stayed active.

THORSwap utilizes assets deposited on THORChain as liquidity to promote cross-chain exchanges. THORChain is a layer-1 blockchain enhanced for interoperability between different blockchains.

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Sanctioned Nations Blocked by Thorswap

Yesterday, the exchange recommenced trading by revising its ‘terms of service.’ It added ‘additional safeguards’ to avert illegal funds flow and ensure legal obedience.

RUNE has been plunging since the suspension of THORSwap’s trading. Over the week, it dropped 27% from $2.03 to $1.48 before yesterday’s positive reversal.

THOR, THORSwap’s governance token, also increased by 11.5% after the statement. THORChain Explorer data shows that on Thursday, trading volumes through THORChain rose to $62M after they fell below $30M over the previous days.

Besides blockchain illegal funds, the THORSwap team revised its terms of service to restrict persons from nations sanctioned by the United States.

The protocol’s team announced a ‘partnership with an industry leader’ to increase the safeguards.

THORSWAP Echoes UniSwap Safeguard to Avert Illicit Financing

Uniswap is a decentralized exchange (DEX) on Ethereum that utilizes the same safeguard to pick out financial crime. In April 2022, the major DEX collaborated with TRM Labs, a sleuthing company, to evaluate and limit transactions highly associated with unlawful activity.

According to a THORSwap representative, the situation places the decentralized exchange at the same level as other major industries that DEX interfaces, for instance, Pancakeswap, Uniswap, 1inch, and others.

The new regulations evoked concerns among some users. In this case, they claimed it goes against the decentralization belief. According to Matt Ahlborg, a crypto researcher, blanket restrictions are wrong since they significantly impact many innocent persons.

According to one THORChain proponent, there are more applications that persons from sanctioned nations can utilize as an alternative for THORSwap since a U.S. team creates it’ and ‘must legally conform.’ 

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