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This is Why Tyler Winklevoss Says “XRP Army Has Dumb Trolls”, and Calls Ripple a Security

Tyler Winklevoss, the Co-Founder & CEO of Gemini exchange, has recently stirred reactions from XRP community members, after tweeting that “the XRP army has really dumb trolls”, concluding that Ripple is indeed a security.

In the cryptocurrency ecosystem, XRP community members are well-known for their enthusiasm. Also, the community is obviously one of the largest and most active communities in the cryptocurrency space.

However, some of its members sometimes display their enthusiasm beyond the limit, which called for the recent Tyler’s jibe directed at some of them and Ripple, the cross-border payment giant.

Tyler Winklevoss Throws Jibe At XRP Army and Ripple

The popular founder and CEO of Gemini was forced to taunt some members of the XRP Army, calling them dumb trolls, a few minutes ago.

This came about after a user identified on Twitter as galgitron challenged Gemini cryptocurrency exchange for failing to list the third-largest cryptocurrency by market cap, on its trading platform.

What was significant about this tweet, which definitely called for Tyler’s reaction, was that the user tagged the US SEC Enforcement in the tweet.

Galgitron further accused Gemini exchange and its founders of manipulation, claiming that the crypto exchange is not representative of the true crypto market. In a nutshell, the tweet is likely meant to directly call the SEC Enforcement’s attention to probe the exchange.

Galgitron shared this, Dear SEC Enforcement. The fact that Gemini crypto exchange (owned by Winklevoss and Winklevoss) refuses to list the third-ranked crypto XRP, despite adding many low-cap coins, is not representative of the true crypto market, and amounts to CLEAR market manipulation.”

Tyler Winklevoss did not ignore the direct attack from the supposed XRP community member. He said XRP Army really has dumb trolls. Conclusively, he pointed out that the action taken by the community member shows that Ripple is indeed a security.

“The XRP army has really dumb trolls. By tagging SEC Enforcement you are taking the position that Ripple is a security. SMH,” Tyler Winklevoss responded.

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