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Stealth protocol has claimed that transactions on its protocol are fast and without fees. Thus, paving the way for micropayments and boosting blockchain adoption. Stealth’s governance token is built with a UTXO ledger that offers a vital feature of custodial applications – multi-sig transactions.

Other Stealth Advantages

The protocol revealed that its goal is to offer a seamless user experience and makes it the ideal choice over “several other projects that fall short of acceptable user standards.” As of this writing, there are no crypto protocols without high congestion and high transaction fees for daily users.

Stealth claims its blockchain is the solution to this issue and will improve Bitcoin‘s throughput by about 120%. Also, crypto users don’t know what to expect when they want to make payments because fees fluctuate abysmally. Even some blockchains drop transactions without any prior notice or an apology after the deed.

For instance, a user who experiences a dropped transaction Ethereum will lose the transaction fees without even making a successful payment. Stealth believes that zero fees transactions are the best option to have a wider adoption of blockchain technology.

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Hence, it is piloting a proof-of-work technology with dynamic hardness. The protocol’s token will become the most efficient and unbreakable cryptocurrency among other cryptocurrencies.

Stealth’s Uniqueness

Stealth’s 5-second block times enable it to have fast transactions. Thus, online transfers come with little or no latency issues, and merchants can prefer crypto as a settlement option instead of fiat currencies. This is possible because of Junaeth – a consensus protocol for block validators. However, the conversion of XST to Stealthnodes is irreversible.

Block signers usually queue up and have little chance to validate a block. The combination of these two factors incentivizes validators to sign blocks every five seconds. Thus, XST transactions are completed almost instantly.

The Stealth team further revealed that most of the protocol’s features are not found in other tokens. Some of such unique Stealth features are a quantitative reputation system for blockchain validators – the first of its kind and a distributed network without a network-wide time synchrony. 

These unique features contribute to Stealth’s technological advantages over other blockchains. The blockchain’s performance is monitored through a dedicated dashboard, including information on each block’s validators. 

Stealth’s Stealthsend

Stealth has a mobile payment app for users to make easy transfers, and in the next year, Stealth plans to launch its privacy coin called Stealthsend. Part of the launch will include a redesigned wallet for more functions and a desktop light wallet.

Stealth also plans to launch a wrapped token (wXST) to make the XST available on more blockchains and decentralized exchanges. The protocol’s team also plans to launch a Stealthnode exchange, on-chain governance, and smart contracts.

In all, the protocol’s goal is to establish a cryptocurrency with scalability, privacy, zero fees, and instant transactions. If it achieves this goal, the protocol would have solved a big problem that has been plaguing other platforms.


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