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Cardano’s Shelley Incentivized Testnet has been fully launched as promised. Some hours ago, it was reported by a Cardano community member that the staking pool registration has surpassed 400. Before the official launch of the Incentivized Testnet, the staking pool registrations was slightly above 150.

However, in the mist of the euphoria of the launch, Charles Hoskinson, the CEO of IOHK has identified some bugs in the product, and reacted promptly with the promise of proper fix as soon as possible.

Charles Hoskinson Says Lots of Minor Issues and Bugs to Fix

The CEO of IOHK, Charles Hoskinson has been up and running to see through the launch of the Shelly’s Incentivized Testnet. The success of the launch has been the dream of all in the Cardano community.

Shelley’s Testnet will eventually be integrated into mainnet, which is expected to transit Cardano blockchain to its full decentralization.

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The launch of the Incentivized testnet preplanned to test Shelley in real-behavior took place a few days ago. It was indeed an exciting moment for Cardano community members, knowing what the promised incentives represent.

However, the launch wasn’t without technical issues. This was hinted by Cardano’s CEO Charles Hoskinson a few minutes ago.

In the tweet, he acknowledged issues and recurrent bugs that were unintentionally coupled with the launch of the Incentivized testnet. He, however, assured that proper updates will be conducted on or before 23rd December to give the issues and bugs a permanent solution.

He said, “Very happy about the launch. Lots of minor issues and intermittent bugs reported. We will cut a new release with updates to Jormungandr, the wallet backend on December 23rd to sweep up these issues. Merry Christmas.”

Question of a Cardano Community Member

A Cardano community member identified on Twitter as ABK25 asked the CEO, Charles Hoskinson, with a stern request for a well-simplified answer about the source that may breakdown as people delegate their stakes at will.

“Charles, is there a source that may break down what people delegating their stake should be looking at in respect to choosing a pool? Epoch cost, profit margin, blocks produced, performance %, etc. Like explaining it to a 5 year old for maybe the not so tech savvy layman,” ABK25 asked.

His question was then answered by proxy. Instead of the CEO’s response to the question, it was rather answered by a Twitter user representing IOHK.

In response to the question, he linked him to a piece of article on Cardano’s official website. He said, “Thanks for your question. Please refer to the Incentivized Testnet Glossary here for your reference.”

Over 400 Staking Pool Registrations Recorded

As reported by, a well-known Cardano-centric Twitter user, over 400 staking pool registrations have been recorded so far, with the hope of more to come.

He said, “The number of pools on the Cardano Shelley test-net has exceeded 400. Will we dig 500 before the end of the year?”

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