Wednesday, June 16, 2021

IOTA Announces Spark, a Web-Based Burner Wallet

There is more to rejoice about within the IOTA community as the team that created Trinity wallet and ceased not from performing as expected just announced a newly built wallet named Spark.

According to the information made available, Spark is a “low-security, temporary web wallet, or burner wallet.” The idea of the burner wallet was birthed by a developer within the Ethereum ecosystem, Austin Griffith.

This has to do with using a burner wallet for small amounts of funds in a short interval, which precedes burning and wiping the seed and transaction history.

Image Credit: IOTA.ORG

Underground Work of IOTA in Recent Months

According to the update, the team of developers in IOTA has been busy working towards bringing new inventions into the ecosystem.

IOTA Labs is a new project housed by IOTA Foundation. It was established purposely to bring about experiments for new inventions. It is already serving the purpose of its creation with this newly developed wallet, Spark.

As reported, new experimental apps like this are preplanned to be released under IOTA Labs, and Spark is the first app released under the IOTA Foundation new project, IOTA Labs for proper testing.

The Making and Experimentation of Spark Wallet

Going by the published report, Spark Wallet uses the IOTA JavaScript account module. This module is meant to bring in new means to tackle one-time use addresses in IOTA, in the course of using a payment request system.

It is possible to deter transferred funds from arriving a spent address if the expected amount and timeout are specified on the payment request.

As it is done in Trinity V2, coupling payment request with a chat system will result in a perfect P2P transaction system

Another area where experimentation is needed according to the report is the tech stack. The report also added that the Spark app is created with a powerful JavaScript framework called Svelte.

Conclusively, any IOTA enthusiast interested in testing the Spark app can simply do so by visiting and for the Devnet version. Users can also fund their Spark Wallet by using the latest version of Trinity wallet.

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