Sunday, April 11, 2021

Ripple Devises Game Plan to Replicate Cross-Border Remittance Success across the Globe

According to Ripple’s director of product, Craig DeWitt, the cross-border payment giant has devised a game plan to replicate its cross-border remittance success in other regions across the world.

During a chat anchored by Reed Catalado, founding partner at blockchain consulting firm Prysm Group, Craig DeWitt stated that Ripple has a growing interest in building on the success recorded in the US to Mexico remittance corridor.

DeWitt noted:

“We have a game plan, and we’re going to roll that out into multiple jurisdictions around the world, and we’re going to escalate the speed with which we’re able to do that. I love liquidity. I think liquidity begets liquidity.

I think success begets success, and the markets where we’re seeing that, we’re going to replicate that and grow that footprint and improve peoples’ lives in multiple jurisdictions, not just the Philippines, Europe, and Mexico, but all around the world.” 

The Success of Ripple’s ODL Partner Bitso

The Mexico-based Ripple’s On-Demand Liquidity (ODL) partner, Bitso exchange, processes 2.5% of all cross-border payments from the United States to Mexico.

According to Bitso’s director of cross-border payments, Santiago Alvarado, the cryptocurrency exchange has surpassed one million in terms of user-base, which indicates a huge success based on customer satisfaction.

As Ripple maps out its game plan for the necessary expansion to new corridors, it’s also working to hire competent hands in order to make the dream a reality.

“I think Ripple really stands out, especially with the work we’re doing with Bitso as a company that is actually delivering real utility today that is affecting people’s lives in a way outside of just speculative trading…

If that’s attractive to you, reach out to us because we are so hungry for talent in this space. We’re growing so fast. We need people to join that journey with us and help us do it.” Dewitt noted.

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Solomon Odunayo
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