Real Vision’s Raoul Pal Explains Why He’s More Bullish on Ethereum (ETH) Than Bitcoin (BTC)
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Raoul Pal, the founder and CEO of Real Vision and former Goldman Sachs, has discussed his crypto portfolio, especially for being more bullish on Ethereum (ETH) than Bitcoin (BTC), the largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization.

In an episode of the UpOnly podcast that was released on 5th June 2021, Raoul Pal said he became interested in Ethereum (ETH) after realizing that Metcalfe’s Law does not only apply to Bitcoin (BTC).

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Raoul Pal noted:

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So I started trying to understand more about Metcalfe’s Law, how it affected the mobile phone industry, the internet, and then stuff like Amazon, Facebook, Google, and all of that. And so that was the huge breakthrough for me was figuring out all of this and that ETH was actually gaining faster adoption than Bitcoin.

And we know it by the number of developers working on it, the number of applications working on it, and the number of wallet addresses. The rate of increase is growing at about twice the speed of Bitcoin right now. So ETH’s growing about a hundred percent a year and Bitcoin’s growing about 50 percent a year.

“The entire digital asset space is growing about 113 percent a year, which is twice the speed that the internet get at. So, this is the fastest adoption of any technology in all recorded history, and ETH is the frontrunner right now. That doesn’t mean it always will be, but right now it’s clearly winning network effects and therefore I think the network is undervalued.

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Raoul Pal Invested In Other Assets

According to the founder and CEO of Real Vision, he decided to invest in other digital assets aside from Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH):

I wanted to allocate money into a basket of other alts. I didn’t know which ones. I knew ETH and Bitcoin I wanted. I have no idea which other project is going to get proper network effects. Everybody kind of screams about them all day on Twitter, but there’s not many of them that have yet. Some of them are starting to.

So I just said right, I’m just gonna choose a kind of basket of 10. And I’m gonna have a mix of protocols like Cardano, Polkadot for interoperability, I’m gonna choose some DeFi stuff… I just watch it and they all went up 250% or something in a month and a half… and then I was now fully invested.

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I had no cash left… so I thought ‘OK, what do I want to do here?’. So I added to my ETH because this is the biggest bag I wanted. Switched more Bitcoin into ETH, and then I thought okay, I want to get involved with some other stuff. I want to make some proper macro bets, and I will also want to enjoy some of the fun.

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