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PrimeOakmont logoThinking about stepping into the cryptocurrency market? If there is one space that’s being lauded for its huge potential nowadays is the digital currency market. Many people have already made huge sums of money from this space and others are continuing to do so. If you want to go along the same lines, you will need the services of a broker. PrimeOakmont is one name that will pop up when you are looking for a platform and this one is making waves because of its crypto-focused services. PrimeOakmont review can provide you with more details about the prominent features that they have to offer.

Rather than just blindly choosing a platform to get started, it is better to do your research and find exactly what you will be getting. The cryptocurrency market is known for its high volatility, much higher than any other financial market out there, and your entire capital can be wiped out in seconds. Therefore, you want to do your level best and find a reliable and dependable platform that enables you to trade smoothly and easily, which means you will be able to give all your attention to trading and not have to worry about anything else. How does PrimeOakmont help you do that? Take a look at its prominent features to find out:

Wide Array of Cryptocurrencies

The crypto market began with the introduction of Bitcoin in 2009 and it has only been a little over a decade, but it has expanded beyond expectations during this time. Indeed, Bitcoin was the only option initially and even though it is still the market leader, there are thousands of other cryptocurrencies that have been introduced since then. Some of them have proven to be quite profitable and have helped people in enjoying substantial profits. Hence, when people decide to enter the crypto market to enjoy the profits, they are not just aiming towards Bitcoin.

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The only problem is that most platforms only focus on Bitcoin and a couple of other options and this can be quite frustrating if you are looking for variety. This is one area where PrimeOakmont will be able to provide you what you are looking for because they have added a wide array of cryptocurrencies. As they are only dealing in cryptocurrencies, they have opted to add numerous options in order to allow their clients to diversify their crypto investment. Moreover, they also provide their clients the chance to participate in the crypto space in different ways. You can trade cryptocurrencies, lend or borrow them, invest in ICOs and startups, or even mine cryptocurrencies via their platform.

Accommodating Account Options

One of the most notable features of PrimeOakmont that you will come across is their accommodating account options. It is a given that you have to open an account in order to use their services, as is the norm. However, not all platforms and companies offer you the same options. Here, you will find that the choices given to you are diverse and a lot more facilitating than you find elsewhere. This is due to the fact that their goal is to cater to people from all backgrounds and walks of life, instead of those already acquainted with the market.

There are a total of five choices that you will find, which start with the Mini account. The minimum deposit needed for this account is 0.3 BTC and it offers you 1:200 leverage, daily news, margin loan of 25%, account manager, weekly market review, trading webinar and weekly live stream. The second account option is referred to as Silver and there is a minimum deposit of 1 BTC. PrimeOakmont offers margin loan of 35%, daily market review, daily market signals, analyst sessions, in-depth research and portfolio construction in this account.

Then comes the Gold account, which requires a deposit of 5 BTC and offers a 50% margin loan, a personal broker, portfolio construction and a daily one-on-one session with an analyst. The next option that has been incorporated by PrimeOakmont is called the Diamond account and this one needs a minimum deposit of 10 BTC. With a leverage of 1:300 and 75% margin loan, this account is for experienced investors and traders. It also comes with daily market signals, customized education, managed portfolio and invites to VIP events.

As for the last account option, it is referred to as VIP account and PrimeOakmont has added it for professional and VIP individuals only. Therefore, it is not possible to directly sign up for this account and you can only open it after you have fulfilled some conditions. It offers 100% margin loan, 1:400 leverage, and unlimited access to brokers, personal chief broker, wealth manager, super tight spreads and higher payouts.

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Flexible Trading Platform

It is important to know what kind of trading platform will be provided to you because it determines if you will face any hassles during trading or not. PrimeOakmont has developed a web trading platform, which offers a great deal of flexibility to the users. It can be used on any device that supports a web browser, be it laptop or mobile devices. With a simple and user-friendly interface, the platform is powered by cutting edge technology and can deliver fast trade execution, allowing you to take advantage of the tiniest market movements.

In addition, the platform has also been equipped with state-of-the-art trading tools, such as live charts, price alerts, trading signals, custom indicators and an easy-to-navigate dashboard. You can access the latest market news, take advantage of the educational resources or use market analysis for making your decisions. PrimeOakmont has ensured that everyone will be able to use the platform without having to worry about a learning curve and do it without worrying about their safety because it has also been equipped with high-end encryption technology.


Add in top-notch customer support, numerous deposit and withdrawal methods, quick account registration, low spreads and other trading fees and excellent security measures and you have a well-rounded trading solution in the form of PrimeOakmont.

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