OrbitGTM Review – Why Many Traders Choose OrbitGTM

OrbitGTM Review

The competition among online trading platforms is getting tougher with the passage of time. A few years ago, you could have a unique proposition and your uniqueness could win you millions of traders from all around the world. Unfortunately, everything has been tried and tested today, and that’s why nothing that online trading platforms do makes them any different. The only thing that sets them apart from the competition is their attention to the most basic yet important features. That’s where this OrbitGTM review comes in to talk about a platform that is unique in that exact manner.

You have many other companies on the internet that can provide you with a trading platform, some trading tools, and big leverages to help you trade big. However, they don’t pay attention to the basics, which are the things that matter a lot to traders no matter whether they are new or old. OrbitGTM is quite unique in that manner. Yes, it also offers you the same trading services and gives you a trading platform to trade your favorite assets, but within those limited boundaries, it has learned to deliver the customer experience that others only dream of. Let’s find out more about this company in this detailed review.

Broker OrbitGTM
Website https://orbitgtm.com/
Trading Type CFD Trading
Assets Cryptocurrencies, Forex, Commodities, Indices, Stocks
Trading Tools Glossary, News, Daily Analytics, Charts, Calculators
Education Center Yes
eBooks Yes
Videos Yes
Deposit Currencies EUR, USD, GBP
Contact Email, Phone, Web Form, Live Chat
Trading Platform Web-based, Android
Account Types Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, VIP

Easy Account Opening Requirements

You can’t really think about signing up with an online trading platform unless it provides you with easy signup. What is it that you can call easy signup? Well, the first thing is that it should be friendly to every type of trader. Just because you don’t have a lot of money in your account does not mean you should not be able to open the trading account of your choice. I am sure you are going to love the trading platform for the options it has available for you. It provides you with six different account types so you can choose the one that really goes well with your trading needs and requirements.

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In addition to that, you are going to like the fact that you can open a trading account with a very small amount. I have to mention here that you can sign up with a variety of currency types. The three major currency types that you can use with this broker include GBP, EUR, and USD. If you are going with the USD, you will be able to open a basic account with just $250. That small amount is what you will need in order to access the best financial markets and amazing trading tools from OrbitGTM. You don’t find many other companies today that provide you with such easy signups.

Some people might think that the basic account, which has been named the bronze account by the company, might be too basic for them. For such traders, there is this silver account. You just have to deposit $2500 in this account and then you can access some advanced features. You can see that you can jump beyond the basic account without breaking the bank and still enjoy some great trading features you don’t get with many other online companies.

A Platform with a Modern Touch

The trading platform you get from OrbitGTM is one of the best and also comes with a variety of features that are not present on other regular trading platforms. You have to remember that this trading platform has been specifically chosen by the company to make lives easier for the traders. When you trade on this platform, you will feel as though things are easy to understand and implement. You will not have to spend months upon months trying to understand the many features that are there on the platform. This one is easy to understand, and within minutes, you will be making money through trading.

Here, you have to know that you can use this platform on just about any device that you own today. Firstly, you can use it in the web-based form, which means you can run it on your computer, tablet, or smartphone without any downloads needed. This trading platform is easy for those who are always trading, and perhaps even changing their devices often. However, if you are not changing your devices, but you want to trade on your phone, you should go with the smartphone application. You can download the trading platform from OrbitGTM on your phone from Google Play Store.

The trading application that you download on your phone is faster on the phone compared to the web-based trading platform. Keep in mind that the web-based trading platform is all about making things easy for you when you switch from one device to another device. However, if you are the primary user of a phone for trading, you will love the fast and smooth performance of the Android application that you can download within minutes and start using just like a pro in no time.

Trade with Security

It does not really matter in how many markets the company allows you to trade if you can’t even feel safe while trading. As unfortunate as it may sound, it is true that the online world is not very safe. You cannot take things for granted when you are trading or shopping online. In both activities, you have to spend your money and to spend the money, you have to provide on the website your personal and banking details. You can’t really take a risk there and so you have to make sure that your information and security concerns are being taken care of by the company that you have chosen for trading.

In the case of OrbitGTM, you will like the fact that there are many different security measures in place only to protect you and your information. First of all, you have to know about the security of information that the company performs through encryption. As soon as you enter any piece of data on the website, the company will encrypt it. Encryption is more like converting your information into digital codes that cannot be deciphered by anyone unless they have the access to the code that can it. So, when you sign up with OrbitGTM, you know your information will be safe whether it belongs to you or the bank that you have an account at.

You also have to take into account the fact that the company has proper adherence to the KYC and AML policies, which are designed to make things easy and straightforward for you. The KYC policy ensures that you are able to trade on a trading platform where no one signs up with stolen information. People steal your information, sign up with online brokers, and spend the money from your account. You only get to know about their activities when you look at your bank statement after a month. Until then, the damage has already been done to you. With OrbitGTM, you will not have to worry about that.

Also, the AML policy is there for those who are trying to use their laundered money for trading. When they try to sign up with OrbitGTM, they can’t because of the AML policy in place.

Amazing Trading Tools for Traders

As a trader, you will get help in every way possible when you sign up with this company. I have to tell you from my personal experience that a lot of things this company does for you are not done by any other company for their traders. For example, you have to see that you will be able to access many different trading tools as soon as you sign up with the company. You don’t even have to think about spending your money for using these trading tools. You can just use them as soon as you have opened a paid account with the company.

It is important to know that these trading tools can be very different from each other. Some can be complex because they use complex data to provide you with simple and actionable information. On the other hand, others are all about providing you with some piece of information and then leaving it to you to take the action. For example, when you have access to the daily market review, you will get a full review of the market conditions on that particular day. This review is all about providing you with as much information as needed and nothing more.

When you use such a trading tool, you just have to gather all the information you can and then use that information to your benefit when you trade in financial markets. What makes things better for traders who choose to sign up with OrbitGTM is that they can find all of these trading tools for free. Not to mention, you don’t have to go on any other trading platform or third-party platform for getting access to these amazing tools.

Trading Many Asset Types

You can trade a variety of asset types when you sign up with OrbitGTM. New and experienced traders have to pay attention to this particular feature equally. When you are new to trading, you want as many options as you can get access to. The reason behind that is that you want to know about many assets. After that, you want to sift through them to find the ones that are least risky for you. You can’t take huge risks right from the beginning because if you do that, you can lose all the money that you have saved for trading.

Now, in addition to that, you have experienced traders who are always looking for ways to make money through the distribution of risks. They want to invest their money in many different assets so they don’t have to bear a huge loss when only one asset goes down. If they invest in only one asset, they lose money when that asset goes down. However, with the diversification of your portfolio, you can make money even if one of the assets that you have invested your money in is going down. That’s what a large list of assets can do for traders. You just have to make sure that you sign up with a company that can provide you with such an asset index.

Consider yourself lucky when you sign up with OrbitGTM because this company is all about a diversified portfolio of assets. So, as soon as you sign up with the company, you will get to know that you can access many different markets. In addition to that, you can access a variety of assets within those markets whenever you want from the same trading platform. So, if you are in the forex market, you can be trading not only the USD or EUR, you can also trade GBP, JPY, CHF, AUD, CAD, and many other forex currency pairs. If you are trading cryptocurrencies, you can trade Bitcoin, Ethereum, Stellar, Monero, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, and many more.

That’s the beauty of CFD trading, and that’s what you will be doing when you sign up with OrbitGTM. These are the features that make OrbitGTM one of the best out there.

Account Managers and Analysts

Trust me when I say that you will have to learn trading from a variety of people before you can invest your money in any financial market. It is important for you to know that without getting proper practice, you will not have enough confidence in you to trade assets. You will always be fearful and the fear in you will make it difficult for you to pull off your trades. That’s where you need the help of a professional that can explain everything to you the way you need to listen. Firstly, these professionals know the ins and outs of the financial markets that you have recently become a part of.

Secondly, they know the strategies and methods that most other people in these markets don’t know about. These are account managers and account analysts that you will get access to as soon as you sign up with the broker. It is amazing to notice here that you will not be deprived of this amazing feature if you are signing up with a basic account. Even with the basic account, you will have access to an account manager. Move up the list of accounts, and you will find out that you can trade with the help of an account analyst. The higher you go in the list, the senior your account analyst will be.

These account managers and analysts are there to help you with your trades. They listen to you as soon as you sign up with the broker and start talking to them. They listen to you because they want to find out what your aims and objectives are associated with trading. In addition to that, they also want to know how much access you have to the resources that can help you become a professional trader. Based on these assessments, they provide you with proper direction in trading. This way, you will always be informed about your trades, and in most cases, you will be successful with those trades.

Trading Signals and Education Package

Firstly, you have to have some knowledge that you are going to implement in your trading with the help of a professional. Many traders take a lot of time in understanding this particular concept. They want to be with account managers right from the start without realizing that it is important for them to learn education through other means as well. It is only a combination of these things that can make you one of the best in the industry. You can’t rely on just one person to help you with your trades. That’s where education comes in along with some other tools to help you trade successfully.

So, if you look at education, you will find out about trading from A to Z. This means if you are only looking for an introduction to trading, you will get that when you sign up with OrbitGTM. You can learn the basic concepts and terms that will help you understand the rest of the course material with ease. The education package also includes your access to ebooks and webinars and seminars. These are the tools that have been proving to be very successful for trader education. Many online brokers use these tools to train their traders through ebooks, webinars, and seminars. They will even help you with videos that explain the most complex concepts to you with ease and convenience.

Furthermore, you will enjoy the benefits of trading signals. This is something I consider really important for every trader in the world. I have personally used trading signals to my advantage and I think any trader in the world can use them. These trading signals are so important that there are online resources that will sell them to you for a lot of money. However, when you sign up with OrbitGTM, you will get access to these trading signals for free. Yes, you will have to choose from the accounts that include these free signals. The trading signals tell you whether you should enter a trade with a long or short position based on many analytical processes that have already been performed to generate a trading signal.

Excellent Trading Conditions

There is no way for me to complete this OrbitGTM review without mentioning the perfect trading conditions this company has created for its traders. I have to tell you here that without proper trading conditions, you can’t make money even on the best trading platforms. It does not matter how much money you have because if you don’t get the right trading conditions, you will not be able to do anything with that money. Imagine being in the middle of the ocean all alone and having a lot of money. Can you really do anything with that money at that time?

That’s the same thing that happens to traders when they sign up with the wrong brokers and don’t find the right trading conditions. They end up on trading platforms where they have to spend a lot of money in covering the commissions of the company that’s providing them with trading services. On the other hand, you will not have to spend your money on that when you sign up with OrbitGTM. In addition to that, the spreads are so tight that you will have a hard time finding other companies that are giving you such tight spreads while you are trading. Furthermore, you will have to admire the leverages you will get with the company.

The leverage you get with OrbitGTM depends on the type of account that you open. If you go with a basic account, you will get small leverage. If you want big leverages, you will have to go with an advanced account. The biggest leverage that you can enjoy is available to you when you sign up with the VIP account, which is the most expensive account on the list. Imagine spending some money on a trader and then being able to multiply that amount to 7. That’s the leverage you will enjoy when you are a trader with OrbitGTM.

Final Thoughts

I have personally tested and reviewed many other trading platforms in the past. As I stated earlier, things are quite similar on all these platforms, so being unique is not an aim for these companies anymore. They have to stick to the basics and perform well to be the best for their traders. I think OrbitGTM is doing that with a perfect understanding of its target market and traders. I can say that your decision to sign up with OrbitGTM after proper thinking will not turn into regret for you.

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