Sunday, April 11, 2021

New Version of VeChain Thor Released with a Major Improvement

As a report has it, v1.3.6, the updated version of the popular software in the VeChain ecosystem, VeChain Thor, has been released with a major improvement.

As always, this was reported via the official Twitter handle of VeChain Dev, a channel for all the news from VeChain developers.

According to the report, the new version of the software brings a great improvement to the leveldb writing performance, which is expected to broadly boost the user experience.

Additionally, the latest version is now available at Github for users to download.

The report was shared as follows:

“VeChain core team has released the v1.3.6 Thor software update! This update greatly improves the leveldb writing performance.”

Below are the detailed performance improvements and features of the upgraded version (1.3.6) of the software as shared by VeChain core team on Github:

  1. upgrade leveldb, which greatly increases the mean write speed and reduces the chance of stuck during high write load.
  2. logdb: upgrade go-sqlite.
  3. logdb: cache query statements.

Recent Development in the VeChain Ecosystem

According to a report, the BMW Group’s “Digital Innovation Day” was recently held. There, VeChain, the leading enterprise blockchain platform, presented VerifyCar, a decentralized application designed to be a vehicle passport that will enable users to access their full vehicle information in a reliable and secure manner.

The Digital Innovation Day recently took place online and covered various topics, including artificial intelligence, robotics, and blockchain technology.

Expectedly, the new decentralized application, VerifyCar is built on VeChain Thor blockchain, which is the outcome of the effective collaboration between VeChain and BMW, as the enterprise blockchain platform is determined to apply blockchain technology to the automotive industry.

About the growing interest of BMW in incorporating blockchain technology, the report stated as follows:

“In the field of automotive technology innovation, the BMW Group has opened up new ways in vehicle intelligent interconnection and digital mobility services, and is committed to continuing to innovate and deepen. Under the new wave of digitalization, the high-end manufacturing industry represented by automobiles is facing unique challenges, and it also provides opportunities for it to enter the blockchain technology.”

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