Wednesday, May 5, 2021

New Version of Daedalus for Cardano (ADA) Mainnet Released With New Feature and Fixed Issue

As a report has it, the latest version of Daedalus for Cardano (ADA) mainnet has been released with a new feature and fixed issue.

The new development was announced via the official Twitter handle of IOHK a couple of hours ago. According to the report, the new version comes with a redesigned delegation center.

The report added that the new version also resolves the issue users usually encounter when sending ADA to legacy Byron addresses with Ledger hardware devices.

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Users are hereby advised to download the latest version of Daedalus only from its official website.

The report states as follows:

“OUT NOW: Daedalus 3.2.0 for Cardano mainnet. Following last week’s successful Flight release, this new version includes a redesigned Delegation center & resolves the issue of sending ADA to legacy Byron addresses with Ledger hardware wallet devices.

“Current Daedalus users will soon receive an update alert direct from Daedalus. If you want to give it a spin for the first time, as always, we remind you to download Daedalus only from the official website.”

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IOHK Announces 11 Winning Proposals to Receive Funding As Part of Project Catalyst

A couple of days ago, Input Output Hong Kong (IOHK), an organization focused on supporting open-source projects such as Cardano (ADA) and building decentralized applications (dApps), announced the first winning proposals for Project Catalyst.

Following the community’s decision, 11 initiatives are now expected to acquire funding in order to further enhance the development of the Cardano ecosystem.

In a blog post, IOHK said, “We challenged Fund2 participants to come up with ways to encourage Cardano ecosystem development in the next six months. With an available initial ADA fund worth $250,000, we are able to fund 11 proposals.”

According to IOHK, Project Catalyst is an ongoing experiment in exploring or looking into different ways that decentralized innovations and collaboration can be carried out at its highest level.

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As the initial stage in the Voltaire roadmap, Project Catalyst aims at challenging ecosystem participants to “pool their ingenuity, creativity and passion to identify ground-breaking projects that support Cardano’s growth.”

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