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Microsoft co-founder has, in a recent prediction, indicated that artificial intelligence (AI) usage could deliver equitability in the world. The American investor and philanthropist believes that AI is an evolving technology whose usage could make the world an equitable place in 2024. 

AI Usage Transforming World into Equitable Space

Gates outlines his 2024 projections believing that if AI were the world to prioritize smart investments, then the technology can lessen and even eradicate innovations distribution globally. The American entrepreneur argued that smart investments powered by AI could eliminate the disparity in the time that innovations reach the poor and rich worlds. 

Gates considers the greatest lesson from the AI use cases is the need for customizing the products relative to the subjects. He illustrated the case for global health industries where tailored AI products would deliver meaningful, beneficial impacts to individuals using them. 

Gates Consider Africa to Realize Comparable Levels in Shorter Time

The billionaire entrepreneur predicted that high-income countries led by the US have 18 – 24 months to realize significant levels of AI usage within the general population. 

AI Trading

Although admitting the existence of an inequitable gap, he anticipates African countries to realize comparable levels as their high-networth West in three years. He downplayed the gap by indicating that it is shorter compared to the lag times witnessed in adopting other innovations. 

Gates observed that while it was still early to conclude on the new technology, he indicates that 2023 offered insight on the jobs that AI can execute autonomously and those in which it assumes the copilot role. 

Nonetheless, Gates warns that a long road lies ahead, featuring numerous hurdles. He opines that several hurdles exist, particularly when one considers scaling projects amid the need to sustain quality. A similar concern exists in the creation of backend access that guarantees long-term functionality. 

Gates Labels AI Revolutionary

Gates’ prediction echoes his previous projection that the world was witnessing the onset of the AI Age. He termed AI technology as revolutionary, matching the feat of mobile phones and the internet. 

The prediction by Gates to label AI as revolutionary played out in 2023, given the rapid emergence of the generative AI that today is perceived to disrupt almost all industries. Today, AI has attracted the attention of the Pope, who urged responsible development that benefits humanity.

India is heeding the Pope’s call as it mulls tapping AI for predictive weather forecasting as others eye pure AI-based newsrooms. The Indian government consider that AI can deliver the accurate weather forecasting desired to overcome the adverse effects of the extreme weather patterns. 

Accurate weather forecasting will come hardy for India given its critical role as the second largest producer in rice, sugar and wheat. Also, it will help the authorities in proactive planning and disaster management to safeguard the 1.4 billion inhabitants threatened by heatwaves, flooding and prolonged droughts. 

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